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 April 18, 2019

What Attending Insurance Conferences Can Teach Your Niche Insurance Business

Let’s face it: all of us need some help with our businesses at some point -- whether it's in the marketing department or help with reaching the best audience for your insurance services, Hult Marketing has you covered. The life of an insurance business owner or a marketing director is busy, and often a marketing company can provide a niche insurance business like yours with the support it needs to keep the ball rolling and keep your services in demand among your clients.class-classroom-conference-716276

Let’s take a look at the particular needs of niche insurance companies and how insurance conferences can be a way forward for company growth and usable knowledge in the insurance business. 

What is a Niche Insurance Company?

While we are sure you know what your company does, carefully defining your services and targeting your insurance business audience is even more important for a niche insurance company than it is for companies with broader service areas. Niche insurance companies shouldn’t be wasting their time targeting the wrong audiences, and finding new clients is often more difficult.

Niche insurance companies need to find out who their audiences are, drill down in their marketing plans, and directly market to only those markets to produce great business results and ongoing success.

As marketers, you know to engage is to succeed. Understanding your target audiences' personalities is the foundation of success. Who are they? What don't they know? How do they make decisions? This is the building block Hult will work with your team to define. 

An additional place where you can uncover more information about your target audience is at insurance conferences.

What are Insurance Conferences?

Insurance conferences are just what they sound like, and while the thought of attending one or several a year may look like an added expense and inconvenience at first, consider the possible clientele and knowledge your business could gain as a result. Insurance conferences come in all shapes and sizes, and chances are you don’t have to travel very far to get to one.

This website can help you schedule your attendance easily, and see what’s coming up in your area, or an area you’d like to target with your insurance services in the future. Insurance Journal is a great resource for any business in the industry, especially niche businesses like yours, and features an Insurance Markets Directory that can help you pinpoint areas you may never have thought of targeting.

How Can Attending Insurance Conferences Help My Company?

Attending conferences is all about interaction, both with potential clients and leaders in the industry who can share their own experiences and knowledge with you. It’s much better than sitting in your office and wondering how to find new insurance clients -- face-to-face interaction can teach an niche insurance company so much more than a fruitless Internet search.

Attending insurance conferences can help your insurance agency in the following ways, as well.

  1. Conferences can teach your business and its salespeople new ideas. Learning new ideas for marketing and building your niche insurance brand can boost sales and help make your insurance agents more confident and knowledgeable.

  2. Conferences can build, maintain, and strengthen your business’ relationship with partnering or recommending businesses to increase your clientele. Conferences were made for networking -- and everyone there is just as nervous as you are. Sharing ideas is the best way to find other businesses who can recommend yours when a client needs niche insurance services they may not provide.

  3. Conferences can increase your niche insurance business knowledge quickly. The insurance industry moves forward at a rapid clip, and technology has changed the way people shop for insurance. Staying abreast of the new technology and the way consumers find insurance today is the key to staying relevant and making sure your services are perfect for your niche.

Keeping up on the latest in insurance audiences, consumers, business, tools, and advancements is the best way to continue reaching your clients in the insurance industry. The value of communicating with and sharing ideas with niche insurance company owners across the country or across the world cannot be underestimated.

While attending these conferences, you might happen onto your next great marketing idea, or a concept that will really resonate with your customers and drive your niche insurance company to the top.

Hult can help you develop these ideas and concepts into a solid Inbound Marketing plan. We will lay the groundwork for the creation of your new Inbound plan that will support development of your new Inbound strategy. 

Learn how to use local and nationwide insurance conferences to your advantage to help grow, promote, and market your niche insurance services to the right people today.

Let's chat and put the Hult Team’s experience to work for you. Feel free to reach me at 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can grow your insurance Brand.

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