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 February 14, 2017

How to Write Viral Blog Titles for Your Insurance Blog

Insurance-Blog-Titles.pngOne of the best ways to promote your content is through the use of social media. For the most part, you have “free access” to reach thousands of potential customers at the click of a button.

Today, it is easy for insurance organizations to promote their differentiation on social media in the hopes of their audience sharing and engaging with their content. But, how do you ensure your content is promoted in a way that will entice this desired engagement? 

It all begins by focusing on things that are unique about your Brand. Next, craft eye-catching blog titles that align with your distinction and attract viewers when scrolling through their social media newsfeed. Use the following tips to ensure you are writing blog titles that stand out from the crowd on social media. In the end, you will create an intriguing post that will have customers and prospects interacting and sharing with their connections, and ultimately increase conversion rates for your insurance Brand.

1. Start With Your Buyer Personas

Creating relevant and attention-grabbing content starts with a deep understanding of your policyholders. Develop detailed buyer personas so you understand your current and prospective customers’ wants, needs, and behaviors. Once you deepen this knowledge, you can begin creating content that your target audience wants to read. When the content ideas start flowing, so will your sharable blog titles.

2. Pique Consumers’ Interests

Standing out in a sea of social media posts sounds difficult. One way to spark interest is to present your post title as a question. There is a caveat here, though. If you ask a yes or no question, chances are your prospective customers will mentally answer the question for themselves and never click on your content to discover the answers.

For example, the blog title "Does Your Professional Liability Policy Cover Everything You Need?" asks an interesting question, but visitors may move right past it because it doesn't intrigue them to take action.

The title "What Should My Professional Liability Policy Include?" is a more enticing headline that will make them click to learn more. The goal is to get customers and prospects engaged in your social media posts as well as viewing the content you are promoting; therefore, ensure you are creating titles that capture prospective customers' attentions and pique their interest in the subject.

3. Brainstorm Headlines Before Committing

Would you dive into a new campaign without brainstorming a few alternative insurance marketing strategies that might make sense? Odds are you wouldn’t, and the same goes for writing viral blog titles. Take time to brainstorm a few different options and share them with your team. Some of the best ideas happen when you take time to sit down and bounce ideas off of each other. As tempting as it may be, don’t skip over this crucial step. Get together and start brainstorming, because the best ideas for your insurance blog are yet to come.

4. Use Strong Action Verbs

Capture viewers' attentions by using strong and enticing action verbs. If you can find a way to work in interesting verbs, you are more likely to draw in your reader’s attention and convince them to take action. Strong verbs help to paint a better visual for the reader as well.

For example, the title “Understanding Your Lessor's Risk Insurance Policy” is a good headline; however, a more action-oriented title might be “Take Control of Your Lessor's Risk Insurance Policy”. Enforcing your headlines with stronger verbs will entice your audience to click and share your content.

When you are writing blogs, keep the title in mind. Building viral blogs means more visitors viewing your content, and ultimately, those visitors will become policyholders. 

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