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The ROI of Content Marketing for Insurance Brands

Numbers matter when it comes to your insurance agency. When you set a goal to sell ‘x’ number of policies throughout the year, measuring where you ended the year will show you how effective your strategy was during that period. If you hit your target, then it’s safe to say your strategy is working; however, if you missed your goal, then your strategy for leads may need some tweaking.

The same premise applies to content marketing for insurance. You can measure the return on investment (ROI) of content marketing by measuring where you started based on where you are now.

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Insurance Brand Metrics: Measuring Your Brand Effectiveness

Here’s a scenario so many of us are familiar with:

It's time to review how well this quarter's initiatives are paying off.

How is the website performing? Let's look over the analytics data.

What about those print ads? Better bring up the statistics from call tracking.

How is the Brand performing? Hmm...good question!

There's a definitive method to measuring nearly every marketing investment, but Brand metrics aren't always so straightforward. If you've been investing at all in Brand Development, you already understand that your Insurance Brand is a tangible asset – perhaps, one of the most important assets you have. However, as with any investment in business, the day will come when you need to answer the big question: has this been successful?

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