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 May 31, 2016

5 Tips and Tricks to Streamline Your Insurance Marketing

5_Tips_and_Tricks_to_Streamline_Your_Insurance_Marketing_-_Orange.jpgStreamlining is a great way to organize and clean up your insurance marketing strategies. Analyzing data and deciding what marketing tools to keep or pitch will add to the overall success of your Insurance Brand by allowing you to determine what is working well for your Brand. It will also allow you to pinpoint marketing strategies that may not be performing like they should—and that’s okay. Cutting the tools that are not benefiting your Brand is the key to streamlining your marketing.

But how do you begin? How do you analyze the results you receive? When does the process stop…or does it? Here are our top five streamline marketing tips to help you get started:

Tip #1: You can’t analyze data if you don’t have data

You spend a lot of time creating, developing and implementing different marketing campaigns for your insurance agency. How do you know what is producing results for your Brand and what isn’t? There are many different tools out there that can help you generate and analyze your data from free tools such as Google Analytics or Mixpanel to more in-depth tools like HubSpot and Pardot. Conduct thorough research to determine which marketing automation software is best for your Brand. Once you begin to collect data, it will be easier to determine what marketing tools are producing results, what tools you can improve, and what should be cut from your insurance marketing strategy.

Tip #2: Always monitor your data

      Once you have a strategy for organizing and collecting data, set aside time to monitor your results on a regular basis and look for areas of your marketing strategy that need to be improved upon. Staying up to date will help you determine what is still producing results, what has become out-of-date, and what is new in your industry. Be sure to keep your Insurance Brand current and knowledgeable on the latest trends.

Tip #3: Find your sweet spot

After analyzing your data, find out what tools are producing the best results for your insurance agency. How can you make them even better? Can you make minor changes so visitors don’t get bored? Are you receiving quality leads that have the potential to turn into customers? Answering these questions will help you zone in on the area that is producing the best results for you and help make it even better.

Tip #4: Evaluate your metrics wisely
      When you are looking at your data, are there any specific variables that could be skewing your results? This could include holidays, weekends, time of day, target audiences, channels, etc. Try to find patterns in your data and link certain trends to offers and results. Realizing these influence factors will allow you to tailor your marketing campaigns to produce the best results for your Insurance Brand.

Tip #5: Apply constant pressure

Do not become complacent or smug with your results. It’s great to receive outstanding returns on certain campaigns, because any returns are making your Brand that much stronger. But, always keep the wheels in your brain turning. Keep thinking about how to increase customer volume and experience with your Insurance Brand. Remain active and responsive. In this process, the road is never-ending. Schedule regular meetings with your team and stay up-to-date on the latest trends. The insurance marketing world moves at a fast pace, so don’t fall behind by getting caught up in what is working well for your Brand now. Sometimes, what is producing results today may not be producing results tomorrow.

      Once you begin collecting, analyzing and monitoring your data, your organization is on the fast track to success. You can begin streamlining your marketing once you gather the information you need. Your data will tell you the characteristics of your Brand, what is working, and what you can improve. The numbers you produce will help you decide what needs to be cut from your marketing toolkit and will help you narrow down your focus on the tools that are making a difference for your Insurance Brand.
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Streamline Your Marketing: 10 Components to Cut