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 January 10, 2019

Thought Leadership Marketing: How to Better Market Your Niche Insurance Brand

Niche insurance is a burgeoning industry -- sometimes it's much easier to address your clients’ concerns when you have a niche client base. However, you may have a harder time coming up with relevant, interesting blog posts that address every aspect of your clients’ insurance needs and interests. For niche insurance, thought leadership marketing is one of the best ways to target and hold your clients’ interest using blog posts. Let’s take a look at thought leadership marketing, what it is, and how it can drive interest in, and readership of, your blog posts.achievement-adult-agreement-1376864

What is Thought Leadership Marketing?

Thought leadership marketing is positioning your insurance company as a leader in the industry by using the most valuable and thought-provoking content to connect regularly with clients and other people in your industry. Excellent thought leadership means when people think about the niche insurance that they need, the name of your company pops directly to the top of that mental list. Sounds easy, right? Well, not always. Let’s discuss some rules of thought leadership marketing and how you can apply them to your niche insurance business.

First Rule of Thought Leadership Marketing: Know Your Clients/Prospective Buyers

The best way to start your thought leadership marketing campaign is to define the top buyer personas for your niche insurance. If you provide boat insurance, think about what prospective buyers are looking for, what they’re worried about, and how insurance will help assuage those concerns. Even better -- ask your current clients about their lives and what they’re looking for in insurance. You’ll be surprised at how they respond. Then, base your insurance niche-marketing model (and your blog posts) on speaking to their concerns and making their lives easier. They will definitely thank you for it -- with repeated business and recommendations.

Second Rule of Thought Leadership Marketing: Be an Authority in Your Niche

To establish yourself as an authority in your field, you need to demonstrate your industry knowledge online. The best way to do this is through relevant blog posts, social media posts, and engaging clients and prospective clients in discussions, surveys, and even some back-and-forth comments on your blog posts. People like to communicate, and they like to feel they’re talking to a company that has their best interests at heart and know what it is doing. Educate your audience, engage your clients and prospective clients, and ask what they want and need from the niche insurance that you offer.

Third Rule of Thought Leadership Marketing: Expand Your Audience Reach

When you think of marketing your insurance offerings, social media, your website, your blog posts, and tradeshow may come to mind immediately, but expanding your audience reach through guest blog posts is also a great way to interest new clients. What are guest blog posts? They’re blog posts on someone else’s website that can drive new business for your niche insurance company. Do you have friends who work in other, related industries that regularly recommend you to clients, or who might be willing to? Take advantage of the added exposure their business can provide to yours, and ask if you can trade blog posts, or “guest blog” on their website. The payoff can be tremendous for both of you, and drive more business and a healthy client list well into the future.

Thought leadership is all about defining your company’s professional and knowledgeable authority in the niche insurance field. Don’t let your company blog become limited -- expand outward in all directions by researching new topics, asking your clients what they are most interested in about the industry or what they’d like to see in insurance offerings, and by networking with other industries and related industries to stretch your influence far and wide.

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