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 April 11, 2017

SEO Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Insurance Website

Insurance-Website-SEO-Tips.pngWith the fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the air, now is the perfect time for your insurance agency to be the go-to source for your clients’ insurance needs. This transitional period is an opportunity for your organization to gain new clients, and increasing traffic to your website is the best way to attract and convert customers. But, how do you actually create this increase in website traffic? By utilizing the following SEO tips, you will ensure visitors are finding your content during their searches, generating more online traffic and new clients for your insurance Brand.

SEO Is a Necessity for Insurance Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is quintessential when it comes to insurance marketing. It is the practice of including targeted keywords throughout your website. These keywords are words you anticipate search engine users will input in their search box. By using keywords, you’ll improve your chances of ranking in search engine results pages. Most importantly, using keywords throughout your website is free and effective.

Go Beyond SEO on Your Website

Now that you know the power of using targeted keywords, you can’t stop at your website. Millions of internet users spend hours each day on social media platforms. You must be there, too. And, your presence must be strategic.

Everything you post via your social media profiles must include keywords. If you are posting a meme, relate it back to insurance. If you are posting a live video stream, tag it with keywords. If you are simply updating your status on Facebook, inform your followers about the benefits of insurance using keywords.

By using keywords in each of your posts, you’ll rank in the search features of each of these social media platforms, which will increase your chances of driving traffic to your site.

Additionally, Google ranks social media posts highly in search results. The ability to rank using social media profiles goes beyond your inbound marketing strategies and boosts your insurance marketing efforts.

Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy with Keywords

Now that you see the full power of using SEO, it’s important to see how it affects your content marketing strategy. When it comes to understanding your content marketing strategy as it relates to your inbound marketing strategy, consider your content the lifeblood of inbound marketing. It’s like the oil in your car. Without the right content strategy aligned with SEO, you’ll find your insurance agency or marketing firm in for a bumpy ride.

In-depth knowledge of which keywords and SEO strategies are working for you will help you create and share content that resonates with your audience. Keyword analysis also helps you identify long tailed keywords that will help you improve your ranking.

There are many tools available online for free that will help you analyze keywords; however, you have to know what to look for in order to choose keywords that will affect your content marketing strategy.

Keep the following questions in mind when you are looking for keywords:

  • Will my target market see value in this keyword?
  • Will this keyword drive traffic to my website?
  • Will this keyword improve my SEO ranking?

Analyzing and monitoring how your keywords perform will lead to modifications of your content marketing strategy. These insights will also allow you to adjust your content marketing strategy so that it aligns with content your audience wants to receive. For instance, you may tailor your blogs to ideas and concepts your audience finds interesting based on how using a keyword increases sharability. Or, you may target segments of your market on a specific social media platform based on keywords. The limits are boundless when it comes to the many ways you can leverage knowledge of SEO and the use of keywords for your content marketing strategy.

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