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 May 02, 2017

How to Perform Online Reputation Management for Your Insurance Brand

Oline-Reputation-Management-Insurance.pngBefore you make a big purchase, what is one of the first things you do? If you are like most consumers, you probably start by searching online. Whether you’re shopping for gym shoes or deciding on a new restaurant, consumers turn to Google to find reviews for products and services they are considering buying. 

In fact, 76% of people use online reviews to help them make purchasing decisions. Even more surprising is that positive reviews directly cause an increase in revenue for organizations. So how can your insurance organization use client reviews to drive an increase in lead generation? By having an online reputation management strategy in place, your insurance Brand can generate and manage reviews to help aide prospects during their decision-making process.

Though it may seem complicated, online reputation management is a practice that involves a lot of common sense. Utilizing email and social media, you can help your organization earn the reviews you need to strengthen your Brand and convert more website visitors into agents.

Generating Testimonials for Your Organization

The first step towards an effective campaign that drives client reviews for your Brand is to create a space for your clients to leave testimonials. Social media accounts are a great platform for clients to leave reviews, but you’ll receive a boost in your SEO ranking by creating a specialized area within your website for testimonials as well. Also, make sure to set Google alerts for your Brand so that new reviews do not go unnoticed.

The next step is to give your agents the opportunity to let their voices be heard. Allow them to voice any concerns with you, so you can address their concerns before the client leaves your office. Ensure clients are 100% satisfied after each touchpoint they make with your organization in order to help you boost your chances of receiving a positive review.

The Positive Side of Negative Reviews

As many of us understand it, there are good reviews and bad reviews, right? Well, not exactly. As it stands, a review is a client reaching out to you. Negative reviews that receive prompt, personable responses have a ton of value for your Brand. A thoughtful response will show the reviewer and the online community that you are listening to their concerns and taking the necessary steps to improve customer experience.

While the negative reviews require immediate attention, don’t forget to respond to positive reviews as well. A friendly and courteous response will help strengthen your insurance Brand in the eyes of prospective agents. 

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