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 October 03, 2017

3 Ways to Use Your Insurance Website to Increase Agent Retention and Adoption

Use Your Insurance Website to Increase Agent Retention and AdoptionNowadays, the first impression of your insurance Brand agents and brokers get is your website. In order to increase agent retention and adoption, it’s important for your insurance website to leave a good impression. Keeping your organization’s website design up-to-date is key, but there are many other important features that your insurance Brand needs to include on your website as well.

Integrating these three elements into your website strategy can enhance your insurance organization’s inbound marketing strategy while simultaneously helping your Brand increase agent adoption and retention.

1. Enhance Agents’ Experience

Your insurance website is a key segment of your inbound marketing strategy, and it can be utilized throughout each stage of the buyer's journey. To ensure that agents and brokers can find the information they want, it’s important to keep both your current and prospective independent agents at the forefront of your Brand’s marketing strategy. By designing your insurance website with agents in mind, you will improve their overall experience.

What information are agents looking for? Are they able to access that information quickly and painlessly on your website? Keep an eye on your website’s analytics to discover the reasons why agents may be leaving your site. Some common mistakes that cause agents to leave, or bounce, from your insurance website include:

  • It takes too long to load
  • Videos auto-play
  • Offers aren’t relevant
  • It’s not mobile-friendly
  • Navigation is confusing or unclear

Once you know what’s causing agents to leave your website, you can adjust and revise accordingly. Making these changes will help your insurance Brand convert potential agents as well as strengthen relationships with current independent agents and brokers.

2. Utilize Search Engine Optimization

Hand-in-hand with the way agents use your website is how they find your website. Coming in behind-the-scenes, your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy helps your insurance Brand build valuable relationships with agents.

To increase agent adoption and retention with SEO, your insurance organization can use user intent research. When agents search for something online, they’re asking a question. This research allows your Brand to discover and track the questions agents are asking through the keywords and phrases they use in their searches.

Once you know why agents are searching and what they’re searching for, your insurance Brand can begin to create and update your website content to reflect those keywords. When independent agents and brokers are easily able to find what they’re searching for, it increases your chances of being able to convert them into loyal agents.

3. Create Insurance Content

Insurance content comes in many forms, and depending on where agents are in the marketing funnel, they require different types of content. For example, a prospective agent viewing your insurance website for the first time likely won’t want to reach out immediately, but they may want to look at your insurance blog or sign up for your newsletter to gather more information.

Content is the main difference between traditional website marketing and using inbound marketing methodologies. By creating insurance content that utilizes keywords, you help increase the likelihood that your insurance website is found by the right agents and brokers. Furthermore, the engaging content you publish will help your insurance Brand successfully nurture leads into loyal independent agents and brokers.

Overall, by optimizing your website to give agents the best experience while nurturing them with engaging, relevant content, your insurance organization will be able to increase agent retention and adoption. Additionally, doing this will also lead to increasing your ROI.

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