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 March 07, 2017

Insurance Content Marketing: Increase Your SEO Ranking

Insurance-SEO-Ranking.pngSome independent insurance agencies have a love-hate relationship with Google search engine results’ pages (SERPs). For the most part, the relationship is one of unrequited love. It’s a tale that goes way back to 2011 when Google instituted the algorithm update that set the stage for the way websites ranked in their SERPs – Panda. Google’s Panda algorithm emphasized quality content, which many websites didn’t have at the time.

Overnight, independent agents using Black Hat search engine optimization (SEO) techniques realized their relationship with Google had to be genuine. No more keyword stuffing, spamdexing, or buying links to rank higher in SERPs.

Panda and every other algorithm update since 2011 isn’t a tale of love lost. It’s one of an enduring relationship that continues to evolve. Ultimately, with the help of insurance marketers, many insurance agencies are once again in a mutually beneficial relationship with Google using effective strategies that increase their SEO ranking.

Be the Expert: Create High-Quality Content

Like you, other agents and consumers and commercial lines customers found it cumbersome to wade through a ton of links on SERPs before they finally found the information they searched. Google found it problematic as well; thus, their emphasis on quality content reduced user frustration.

As an expert, you can rank higher by producing content that showcases your expertise. By doing this, you are reinforcing Google’s idea of a user-friendly website. In fact, if you pair this strategy with the use of keywords and other ranking strategies, you can rank higher than websites that aren’t. In some instances, when you use effective insurance marketing strategies, your site can outrank government and leading non-profit entities.

Earn Links Through an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Beyond content on your site, you need an inbound marketing strategy that focuses on engaging your clients through email marketing, social media marketing, and blogging to get a better position in Google’s SERPs.

When it comes to blogging, the benefits are well worth the time you invest. The following are a few benefits of operating a blog:

  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Help generate leads
  • Establish authority
  • Get long-term results

Additionally, a blog helps you when it’s time to close a sale. Other agents can find more in-depth information about your insurance products simply by searching your blog posts.

In truth, when your blog aligns with your products and services, it can work harder than your top producer.

Optimize Your Website

Users like friendly, easy-to-navigate sites. Websites that load slowly or that have a lot of pop-ups are a nuisance. They also affect your bounce rate. Your bounce rate is a measure of how many users visit your website and only view one page before leaving. With a high bounce rate, converting visitors to customers is remarkably difficult. Additionally, these websites will have a low SEO ranking.

On the other hand, a site that’s optimized provides the best possible visitor experience. Sites that are optimized will have some of the following characteristics:

  • Keywords are peppered throughout the site
  • Images load quickly
  • URLs reflect the subject of the page
  • Blogs are attached to the main website

There are a host of other characteristics that marketing experts in the insurance industry consider when it comes to an optimized site. If you make improving user experience a priority, then your site’s problem areas will stick out like a sore thumb. Once you’ve fixed them, you’ll notice your site’s ranking increase.

With a focus on servicing your clients, the Hult Marketing team understands it can be a challenge to get everything right in insurance marketing. After a thorough assessment of your marketing goals, we can help you improve your relationship with Google and increase your SEO ranking.

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