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 July 05, 2016

Building an Inbound Marketing Toolkit for Insurance: Email Marketing

Building_an_Inbound_Marketing_Toolkit_for_Insurance-_Email_Marketing_-_Orange.jpgA few years ago, when the era of social media first began, marketers declared the death of email marketing. They began cutting email marketing from their campaigns to make room for this new form of marketing.

This is no longer the case. Email marketing is one of the most relevant marketing channels to generate results for your Insurance Brand. Implement email marketing into every campaign you run to increase awareness for your campaign and create better targeted messages.

Why Should Emails Be In Your Insurance Marketing Toolkit?

Emails allow you to send the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Everyone who clicks on one of your calls-to-action is taken to a landing page where they have the opportunity to fill out a lead form. Visitors who fill out your form will then be added to your contact database. Over time, your contact database will continue to increase. This will allow you to segment your list and target your contacts for appropriate email communication.

Integrating Emails Into Your Inbound Marketing Campaign Strategy

          Email marketing will create awareness for your campaigns. Add social sharing links to allow your audience to share your message with their connections. Also, add calls-to-action to your emails to direct your audience to a specific page. Your email content should focus around your specific offer, and your calls-to-action should take your audience to a landing page where they learn more about your Insurance Brand’s offer.

Emails are a great way to target your messages to the right people. They should be implemented in every inbound marketing campaign to increase results and spread awareness.

Emails are an essential piece of your insurance marketing toolkit. Learn more about email marketing and the six other inbound marketing tools in our eBook, Tools of the Trade: 7 Fundamentals of an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign. These 7 tools will put your inbound marketing campaign on the fast track to success.

Integrate email marketing into your Insurance Brand's inbound marketing campaigns. Let's touch base and I will put the Hult Team's experience to work for you. We can connect at 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can create a better focus on your Insurance Brand.

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