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 January 24, 2019

How to Write Niche Insurance Blog Posts Your Clients Actually Want to Read

The insurance industry relies on a few different things to gain and retain clients: trust, education, and value. Your clients want to know what you can give them that other insurance companies can’t, or at least that you can live up to their past great insurance experiences (and avoid any snafus they’ve had over the years).blogging-business-cms-265667-1

In today’s competitive insurance marketplace, new insurance buyers are looking for even more -- perks, if you will, like added service hours, added insurance policy amenities, and even just a client-centric model of communication and business. The first step toward gaining and retaining clients is piquing their interest in your insurance business. Let’s take a look at the three best ways to do that.

Define Your Insurance Buyer’s Personas

Your clients, readership, and competitors may be visiting your website for different reasons, but they all want to read blog posts that appeal to them. So, how can your posts appeal to the largest possible audience? Easy -- post a lot of blogs that appeal to different niches of your client and readership base.

One of the first steps here is to research your client base and find out exactly who your readership, or audience, is. You also want to focus on what’s known as your client’s “buyer persona.” In other words, exactly who are the people who buy your product? Who are the people that you want to buy your product? And -- last but not at all least -- what are the specific details of their lives? Here are some great questions to ask to define buyer persona:

  1. How old is your ideal buyer?
  2. What economic niche is your ideal buyer in?
  3. What’s most important to your buyer when purchasing insurance?
  4. What is your buyer most afraid will happen when they are uninsured?

Don’t worry if you end up with more than one buyer persona -- that’s a good thing! Just make sure you direct your blog posts to all of them. Google can help you see which keyword searches are the most popular in your industry; just go to and search your area for the most often searched insurance terms. Thanks, Google! Another great keyword tool is, and wikiHow has a great article on finding trending keywords to include in your blog posts. Happy keyword hunting!

Educate Your Buyers

Always remember that people are reading your blogs to educate themselves -- some need insurance now, and some are just browsing around to see what’s out there. Some may have stumbled onto your website accidentally, as well -- but they may want to stay and switch their insurance over once they see what your blog posts and your company have to offer them.

Millions of people are searching for new or better insurance on any given day in the United States, and your blog posts should help them decide, learn more, and educate themselves about the industry and what to expect. Agency Revolution suggests that blog posts should always be relevant to your buyer personas in the following ways:

  1. Address their pain points
  2. Consider post topics that address your buyers but not insurance
  3. Keep your content as current as possible

Pain points of your buyers or prospective buyers may have little to do with insurance on the surface. For instance, your insurance clients may struggle to pay expensive insurance, and you could offer them better services for less. They may be worried about a loved one that doesn’t have health insurance but needs it, or they may be worried about an economic downturn in their industry. Addressing these seemingly off-topic subjects first, and then coming around to ways your insurance product can help, is a great way to educate your buyers.

Keep Your Buyers Interested in Your Insurance

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to read an insurance blog everyday. Keeping your readership and clients interested is half the battle, even after they’ve purchased insurance with you. Continue demonstrating your company’s interest in the community, keep up with current news events and tie them into your business, and demonstrate your company’s expertise in the insurance industry. It also doesn’t hurt to make your insurance brokers approachable, friendly, and real. Clients like real, as do most of us.

Finally, always include a call-to-action and a few links to other RELEVANT blogs on your website that may keep readers reading and lead to new clients. Have fun blog writing, and keep on searching for the most interesting and educational posts -- your clients will have fun reading them.

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