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 November 15, 2018

Content Marketing: Not Just Another Insurance Agency Marketing Initiative

As an insurance agency manager, your website content is becoming more and more important whether you focus efforts on it or not. That is to say, more and more people are relying on online information to make decisions about products and services. This means that your website content and the way you use it for marketing is also becoming a large part of how people learn about and interpret your business and insurance offerings. Let’s take a look at marketing, content marketing, and how content marketing can increase your business and bottom line.beard-chair-computer-840996

What is Marketing?

If you’re in the marketing business, you already know the answer to this question, but if you’re a manager at an insurance agency, you might not know about all the different ways marketing can help your business. Let’s take a look at the basics before we get into content marketing. Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, and includes market research into the people or businesses you are trying to sell your insurance to and the actual advertising you do for your insurance business.

Marketing is present throughout all stages of an insurance business, from developing an idea for a business to finding your niche (home, auto, business, etc.) within it. Marketing is there when you’re researching information on how to make your insurance business better, or how to sell insurance to a larger group of people. Marketing is there even when you’re trying to demonstrate to people why they need your insurance and how it will help them in the long run. So -- marketing is a necessary part of any insurance business, because the purpose of marketing is to let people know your business exists and is the best resource for insurance for them.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a specific type of marketing designed to use the Internet, websites, education, and information sharing to create and encourage people to become more interested in the insurance products or services your businesses provide. An excellent way to think of content marketing is “soft-selling” instead of “hard-selling.” In other words, content marketing does not explicitly promote your insurance Brand or business, but instead uses helpful and timely information and education to increase interest in them.

Some examples of content marketing are online videos (vlogs), blogs, and social media posts that offer information about or solutions to problems, questions, or issues that people may have. In the insurance industry, those questions might concern topics like the best kind of insurance for a boat, the most reasonably-priced insurance options, insurance you need to protect your family from home to business insurance, or even topics that don’t seem related, but are. An example of this might be catastrophic insurance plans and circumstances they are related to. 

How Can Content Marketing Help My Insurance Agency?

Regardless of the type of insurance your business provides, there is no doubt that prospective clients and even current clients will take a look at your website before they decide to employ your services or to find out more information about insurance options. Excellent content marketing can go a long way toward retaining current clients and persuading prospective clients that your insurance business is competent, dependable, and perfect for their needs -- and that improves your bottom line.

Content marketing can help your insurance agency in the following ways, as well:

  1. Content marketing can grab and hold the attention of your policyholders. Constant communication with your policyholders is the best way to retain their business, and content marketing can send them useful information on a schedule to ensure they stay engaged and interested in how your business can help them.
  2. Content marketing can build, maintain, and strengthen your business’ relationship with its clients. Although newsletters are a good way to keep up communication with your clients and pique their interest, the content you provide needs to be something your clients are interested in, and it’s a fact that many new clients stumble across your website when looking for something else, leading to interest and new clientele. Just because they’re already your clients doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to learn something new.
  3. Content marketing allows your insurance business to create a Brand. Branding includes personality, belief system, purpose, and goals -- all things prospective clients may base their opinion of your business on. It’s important to have a strong presence that clients can see and feel even over the Internet.

Content marketing is a key part of marketing your insurance business in today’s world, and finding a marketing agency that can help you create your business’ vision is paramount to success. Learn how to use marketing content to your advantage and increase your business’ exposure for insurance clients and future clients on the web.

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