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 May 16, 2017

5 Components for a Successful Insurance Content Marketing Strategy

Successful-Insurance-Content-Marketing.pngCreating content is a key element of your insurance marketing efforts, which is critically important to your overall business strategy. With so much riding on crafting effective content, you simply can’t afford to get it wrong.

Fortunately, developing a successful content marketing strategy isn’t as abstract as people think. By mastering the following 5 components, you can develop a winning content strategy for your insurance Brand.

1. Know Your Audience

Effective insurance marketing always begins with knowing your market. Knowledge of whom you are marketing to is like understanding your insurance book of business. You have to know who your clients are before you can begin to understand their needs. Do you cater to independent agents? Are your services dedicated to insurance marketing professionals? Once you know your target audience, it’s easier to develop content targeted to them.

2. Create Strategic Content

Content is king when it comes to marketing. There is no doubt about that; however, as an insurance expert, you must create strategic content that engages your target market. Simply producing content for the sake of producing content will only position you as a spammer.

The goal of your content should always be to inform and solve problems your clients may have in their business. By positioning your business as a resource for knowledge about insurance, you create information that brings members of your target audience back to your website when they need information. As long as you continue to create strategic content, you’ll continue to reap the rewards of that continuous information loop.

3. Research Keywords

An important component of creating strategic content is keyword research. Keyword research lets you know what members of your target market are searching for when they use search engines. Knowing what they want places you in a position to fulfill their needs; however, keywords won’t simply fall in your lap. You have to research them to improve your chances of success when it comes to curating content that’ll be useful to your target audience.

Additionally, keywords help drive traffic to your website or blog. By using keywords throughout your site and blog entries, you increase your chances of ranking in search results for specific keywords. With an effective keyword strategy, you can create a content marketing strategy geared around your most profitable keywords. Doing so will support your strategy many times over.

The following are a few ways you can research keywords and deliver content that’ll interest your audience:

  • Use Google Adwords' Keyword Planner
  • Search terms related to your keywords
  • Research long-tail keywords
  • Research competitor sites for keywords
  • Use keyword apps

Of course, the best way to find the perfect keywords for your website is to measure your keywords’ performance over time. When you measure your results, don’t forget to eliminate underperforming keywords and replace them with additional keywords you find in your analysis of your insurance marketing strategy.

4. Create an Editorial Calendar

Editorial calendars are indispensable when it comes to your content marketing strategy. It’s like your road map for content creation. Editorial calendars allow you to see the big picture when they’re created months in advance. They also help you create content based on the time of year, which is important when your goal is to keep your audience engaged. Most importantly, an editorial calendar keeps you on schedule. You’ll know what posts you need to create and when.

5. Measure Your Progress

The last component of a winning content marketing strategy is measuring your progress. If you don’t know how your content is performing, how can you move forward? How can you eliminate the tasks that are not serving your best interests?

Measuring your content marketing strategy starts by setting initial benchmarks. You must make a note of where you are in your marketing game in the beginning. Next, measure your progress at intervals you’ve determined are in your best interests. Of course, when you measure, it’s important to make sure enough time has elapsed to see changes. Each time you measure your progress, weed out those processes that aren’t working for you. And, if you see promise in new strategies, try them out.

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