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 June 14, 2018

Building Sales Velocity for Your Niche Insurance Brand: Don’t Forget Human-to-Human

building sales velocity for your insurance brandWe are often asked to peek ‘under the tent’ of diverse groups of companies in the insurance industry. Usually, we are engaged to offer our guidance to help an insurance company hone their marketing and sales processes to be more methodical, measurable and ROI-focused. To give you some context, our work is often with Program Managers, Managing General Agents (MGA’s) and niche carrier products like: Builders Risk, Professional Liability, Lessor’s Risk, Vacation Rental, Medical Malpractice, etc. 

People in our industry usually consider themselves primarily B2B or B2C (or try, B2B2C or B2B2B, if you add in an independent broker channel). So to frame this conversation, consider we are no longer selling B2B or B2C, but H2H: Human to human. Without the H2H consideration, we risk our messages becoming just another noisy gong. 

It seems today’s buzzword is ‘Automation.’ How can we automate everything? Here at Hult Marketing, we love to automate things that make sense. But don’t forget we are communicating with humans not robots.

Here are 3 considerations to help humanize your insurance Brand’s communications while building a tighter bond between your Sales and Marketing departments:

  • Celebrate Your Differentiation
    It seems today, every group is focusing on celebrating their individuality. We’re all in with that, but first discover what really makes your organization different. And, engineer agreement across the entire enterprise – from top to bottom. At the top of that list is building of a bridge between Sales and Marketing. Often, we find Sales talks about oranges, while Marketing talks about apples. Automated or not, orange-apples just confuses the marketplace and weaken your opportunity to be a more differentiated insurance Brand. 
  • Human Communication is 1:1
    We humans are empathic beasts. That’s an important thought to consider in our evolving roles in Sales and Marketing. Especially important when we consider integrating automation into our game. Modern sales enablement and marketing automation systems have become simpler to integrate, but they have an amazing breadth of options that require deep-thinking when it comes to how to use them as customer helpers. Communicating at the right time, whether by voice, video, chatbot, written thought leadership, text massage or live-chat is important. It all comes back to helping the customer through their journey by providing what the customer needs how and when they need it.
  • Keep KISS at the Top of Your List
    It is reported that he US Navy coined the KISS acronym in the 1960s, however, KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid/Silly/Sweetie, etc.), is just as important today with Sales and Marketing as it was back then. If you don’t have a simple process in place, then it will not only never get done, but will never get done right. Both Marketing and Sales Automation can help make this happen, but if you want to win, don’t make it complex. Keep it flexible and focused on the customer journey. 

Today, we succeed together when we facilitate the building of a stronger bridge between Sales, Marketing and the customer. The end-metric is revenue; and generating more qualified leads, shorter sales-cycles and greater customer retention are just part of the path to increased revenue. 

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