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 April 02, 2018

Brand Development: A Must-Do for Your Insurance Brand

According to a J.D. Power study, 74 percent of buyers use insurer websites and aggregators for quotes and research before choosing an insurance provider. The study also found that among customers who switch insurance providers, fewer and fewer are doing so based on price alone.47333184_s

When they're not motivated by price, shoppers are relying on other differentiators to make a decision, and those can include everything from perceived value to customer service to reputation.  

What is Brand Development?
Your insurance Brand is so much more than your logo, your technology, your facilities or your people. Your Insurance Brand is quite simply your promise backed by your performance.

Your Brand conveys your company's quality, credibility, trustworthiness, and overall value. It communicates what your company culture is, and what it means to be your customer beyond simply receiving services. The feeling that everyone touched by your Insurance Brand experience has become your trademark. In other words, Brand development for insurance marketing can be a game changer. Here's how:

  • Defines Your Identity. Brand development is clearly defining what people should expect when working with your insurance company. It gives people a sense of who you are and why people should choose your company. What's more, it creates a standard for your marketing efforts so you can achieve consistency in your messaging. 
  • Explains Your Differentiators. Is your company the one that caters to young people who have a different set of needs and values than more established customers? Do you provide comprehensive coverage for a variety of circumstances to provide peace of mind? Do you offer a bare-bones experience to keep costs down or are people happy to pay a few bucks more to get a live person on the phone without waiting a long time or wading through a complex maze of push-button options?
  • Provides a Visual Shortcut. A recognizable logo and a familiar color scheme create more than just a pretty picture. Instead, it's like putting a face with your name that consumers can recognize wherever they are researching purchase decisions. While the Brand development process entails a lot more than just picking colors, this visual representation provides a shortcut to help people remember everything else you stand for. 

A Changed Game

The Brand development process not only allows you to define what it means to be your customer, but it also gives consumers a visual representation that will bring to mind all your differentiators as they shop around. Learn more about Brand Development with our free eBook, Build an Unbeatable Brand: Empowering Your Insurance Brand Distinction.

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Empowering Your Insurance Brand Distinction