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 April 24, 2018

Aligning Your Organization, Creating Buyer Personas and the Role of Fresh Content: 3 Best Practices for Insurance Marketing Success

insurance brand marketingIf you're throwing a dinner party, the preparations don't end with sending invitations. You'll spend time cleaning, preparing the meal (keeping the dietary needs of your guests in mind), choosing music, and so on. When you ask people to come to your home, you want to be sure you've thought of everything before they arrive.

The same goes for marketing. If the purpose of inbound marketing for insurance Brands is to draw new prospects to your company, then it is essential to make sure you are ready when they arrive. 

1. Top to Bottom Alignment

When insurance Brand marketing is at its best, it feels organic and interactions have a consistent feeling no matter where they happen: online, in person, or on the phone. Achieving this consistency means aligning your organization from top to bottom so your company leadership can do its part in setting the tone and encouraging everyone else.

To make this happen, the C-Suite needs to see that inbound is a revenue-generating activity and not just another initiative that costs money. Make this point by demonstrating the new buyer's journey that includes a lot of independent research online. Show how Google works, and why you need to play nice with it to succeed. Lastly, connect the dots between content marketing and company culture: the first is the promise, and the second is your chance to deliver.

2. Understand the Buyer's Journey

Speaking of the buyer's journey, every segment of your market will have slight differences in the steps they take before reaching a purchase decision. Even though your solutions might be the same, each segment of your market is likely to have different pain points and different problems that need solving. 

Buyer personas will help your entire organization reach a deeper understanding of your market segments so your approach can be personalized. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer and includes far more than just demographics. Instead, you want to find out what motivates them, where they go for information, and what drives them when they're not at work, just to name a few key points.

When you have a single person in mind, it's easier to differentiate your brand and create personalized content and interactive experiences that resonate.

3. Fresh Content Fills the Funnel

Content is your key to drawing in new customers. For top-of-funnel awareness, you're speaking to buyers who have just begun the process. They're turning to Google to search for answers, and you want your information to be the first they see.

Those in the middle of the funnel are at the consideration stage. They've narrowed down the options to just a few, and need reassurance that they're making good decisions. Content's job here is to continue educating, nurturing, and nudging the buyer down the path until they've reached the bottom of the funnel and are ready for sales to take over.

Bringing it All Together

When you're creating content to attract new leads, buyer personas will help you craft messaging that speaks to your market segments. Once you bring these leads down the funnel, you want their interaction with your company to feel transitionless–people don't like to feel like they've been "handed off," and they are easily annoyed when the in-person feeling doesn't match their previous experience. If you want to nail the transition from lead to sale to repeat customer, you must have buy-in from the executive suite down to the mailroom.

When you bring it all together, it works like a well-oiled revenue-generating machine.

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