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 August 30, 2016

Bake an Inbound Strategy for Your Niche Insurance Brand

Inbound_Marketing_Insurance_Recipe.jpgImagine this scenario: You go out for dinner and after chowing down on a juicy steak and buttery baked potato you just don’t feel satisfied. You’re feeling like you need a little more. You swipe up the dessert menu and browse for the perfect sweet treat. Finally, you land on something. The varieties are endless, and each dessert differs in one-way or the other. After devouring your chosen delicious treat, you finally feel full and completely satisfied.

Inbound marketing is similar to that delicious treat in that, no marketing strategy is complete without it. With inbound, the idea is to attract independent agents or customers to your website, turn them into leads, and convert those leads into contracted agents or customers. As a competitive Brand, you want to bake an inbound strategy that is unique and tailored to your audience. Here’s our recipe for the perfect niche inbound strategy:

First, Gather Your Ingredients: Content Creation

Creating content is like gathering your ingredients. Differentiate your Brand by showing your expertise and delivering content about niche topics specific to your industry. This helps establish you as a thought leader in your space and provides credibility to your Brand. Also, the creation of fresh and relevant content is a key component of Google’s search engine optimization algorithm. Releasing different forms of content like blogs, videos, webinars, and white papers, will give your inbound strategy a unique and interesting flavor, differentiating you from other Brands.

Next, Mix the Batter: Website Optimization

Before you put your content “in the oven”, you’re going to want to mix in some website optimization. Making sure your website is mobile friendly is a start to ensuring a good search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. Your website is a way of promoting your content, further increasing your ranking in Google’s search results. This mixed in with your fresh content creation will add a gourmet flavor to your inbound strategy.

Then, Preheat The Oven: Create a Call-To-Action

The delicious mix of content will surely be bringing people to your site. Now is the time to nurture those leads by developing a call-to-action (CTA). Phrases like “subscribe now” or “Download our eBook” are a few examples of CTAs. Agents can provide you with a small amount of information and in return they will have the opportunity to download relevant content.  You can then begin to compile a database of leads. Once these leads are captured, your inbound strategy is ready to bake.

Finally, Bake Until Leads are nurtured: Use a Marketing Automation System

The use of a marketing automation system, like HubSpot, will aide you in nurturing the leads you have gained from your CTAs. This system uses all of the ingredients and preparation you have done to nurture agents with personalized and useful content workflows. This helps convert prospects into contracted agents or customers. Marketing automation connects multiple touchpoints through social media, email marketing and content marketing, thus enhancing the flavor of your inbound strategy, helping you track and prove ROI.

After following our recipe, your differentiated niche Brand will have a unique and tasty inbound strategy. Download our eBook, Tools of the Trade: 7 Fundamentals of an Effective Inbound Campaign, to help you further your insurance Brand.

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