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 June 21, 2018

5 Ways to Boost Engagement on Social Media

In today's marketing world, social media is a catalyst for any insurance brand's growth. If done right, social media boosts Brand awareness and increases conversions.
Social Media is vital in promoting your insurance Brand and many people think getting the right content on these channels is what gets you conversions. But the key to social media success is engagement. Check out these five tips for increasing social media engagement to achieve growth for your insurance Brand. 

#1 Share Other People's Content

You aren't going to have the answer to every question or content at the ready to share on every topic. Share content from other thought leaders in the industry to show your customer you have that information - whether or not you created it. Keeping your customer interested, educated and engaged is very important, and if you can't do that on a daily basis, then you will need to use additional content to keep them engaged.

#2 Respond to Your Customers

You want your customers, and your prospects to feel important. When they ask questions, it's crucial that you are there to respond in a timely manner. If you don't respond or your response is delayed, you risk making your customers feel unimportant, and to put it simply; they'll lose interest. Employ an auto responder on your social media accounts when you can and let your customers know that their questions are important to you, and that you're always available to provide accurate information. 

#3 Make Your Posts Visual

No one wants to scroll through their social media feed and just see types. Images, videos, emojis, GIFs, infographics, etc. are all examples of ways you can make your posts more visually appealing. Visuals can put things in perspective for your customers and help them convey a message that words simply cannot.

#4 Create Polls and Surveys

Polls and surveys are a great way for your insurance organization to get quick and easy feedback from your customers or prospects. Polls and surveys gets the consumer directly involved with your insurance Brand and keep them coming back for more! You can then use information from the polls and surveys to cater content specific to your audiences' pain points.  

#5 Post Frequently

Last and most important is to post frequently and at optimal times. Social media moves fast and if you are only posting once a week people might just scroll by that post and never see it. So it is very important to post multiple times in a week so that you are relevant on social media. Also, you want to post during times when the consumer will actually be looking. If you are posting during the workday many people will not see it because they are busy at work. So if you post after 5:00 pm people will see it and be more focused on your content.

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