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 February 08, 2018

3 Ways to Focus on Agents in Your Insurance Marketing

44207164_mlAttracting and retaining the best agents is an ongoing process that's central to your company's success. If you're not leveraging the power behind your insurance marketing to build connections with agents—not just customersyou may be missing out on the top talent. Here are 3 ways to focus on agents in your insurance marketing.

1. Boost Agent Efforts

Customers want agents who know the business and want to deliver the best productsand so do you. Engaging the best agents means standing out from the crowd with your marketing. Agents want to work with companies that will maximize their inbound marketing efforts and amplify their messaging without drowning out the agent. In other words, use insurance marketing to develop Brand awareness and trust, but keep the agent as the focus of relationships.

2. Use Digital Strategies

Today's consumer is engaging with Brands and agents online more than ever before. From social media conversations to search and mobile apps, a digital strategy is a must. The best agents already know this, and without a robust digital strategy, they may go elsewhere.

Consider all the points of digital contact that a customer may have with your Brand and with an agent. From content optimized for common search terms to implementing marketing automation that will maximize digital efforts, agents want to work in an environment that's competitive in today's landscape.

3. Help Agents Put Customers First

The customer's needs should be the priority, but the relationship building should always be in the hands of the agent. When insurance companies keep agents in the loop for the duration of the buyers journey, then agents will be more successfuland happier to offer your insurance solutions.

For example, boost customer retention by keeping agents in the loop for all transactions. That way, the agent can provide a personal follow up to strengthen the relationship between the customer and the agent.

Thought Leadership for Agents and Customers

When you use your insurance marketing to demonstrate that you're a leader in your niche, not only will customers be more likely to choose your solutions, but agents will too. Leverage the power of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy to impress your best customers, and agents will follow.

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