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 April 29, 2015

Why Utilizing Analytics Enhances Your Brand Marketing Campaigns

Why Analytics Enhance Your Marketing CampaignsWhy analytics? Analytics can be a challenging part of any marketing your Brand does. Making sure that every aspect of a marketing campaign has real numbers attached to it –your emails, landing pages, blogging and social media posts- means putting in some extra effort in making sure that each and every prospective patient and customer is tracked. It sounds hard, but it’s not and its payoffs are worth it. Marketing analytics should be a part of every marketing effort your Brand puts out.

You should know how your money spent on marketing is affecting the specific parts of your Brand campaigns. Analytics show you just how effective each piece is, and gives you insight to what your prospects are interested in when it comes to your Brand.

With analytics, you can tell which one of your landing pages is getting more leads: a picture of a baby or the one with the picture of baby formula. You’ll be able to tell which email subject lines get the most attention and tailor future lines to what works. Analytics allows you to make an endless number of tweaks as you run your campaign so you don’t have to wait until your next campaign to implement changes.

While there are many different numbers analytics can tell you, it’s important that you focus on the ones that can be used to benefit your current and future campaigns. Total leads and goals achieved, like seminar sign-ups or consultations requested, for example, are important at any stage. Return on Investment is a huge metric, as it tells you if your money is benefitting your Brand. These numbers help you see if you’ve reached your marketing goals and help in setting future goals.

The numbers you get from a campaign show you whether or not you’ve reached your marketing goals. You can see your leads and sales generation as they happen. The numbers give you the ability to compare each marketing channels and determine what your strongest and weakest components were.

Analytics are must-have tools to tell if you’re getting the most out of your marketing campaign. Download our free eBook, Tools of the Trade: 7 Fundamentals of an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign, to learn how to make sure your analytics are working for you, as well as learn about 5 more expert marketing techniques to enhance your Brand’s marketing. 

Analytics are great tools to ensure your Brand reaches its marketing goals, but they need to be properly implemented and interpreted. Let's touch base and I will put the Hult Team's experience to work for you. We can connect at 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can create a better focus on your Brand. 

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