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 September 16, 2015

Create Quality Website Content that Differentiates Your Brand

Create Quality Website ContentYour website content is what drives visitors to look at your Brand. At the very basics, your content helps your Brand get found through search engines, and content is what keeps visitors on your website after you initially get them to look at you, based on your eye-catching designs.

Content is a tricky thing to write. You want to craft a particular message about your products, service and Brand, but at the same time you don’t want to sound preachy and righteous about how great your organization is. You want to create “enough” content, but you want it to be unique and informative, and sometimes these don’t go hand-in-hand.

There are a few categories to keep in mind when you’re trying to balance your content between selling your Brand and being helpful:
  • Message: Does your website and content tell visitors why you’re the Brand for them? Are you different and do you tell the visitor why you are?
  • Education: Do you inform your visitors about what your Brand is all about? Do you offer additional information that isn’t strictly about your Brand?
  • Offer value: If you offer content like eBooks and whitepapers to download, do visitors know what they’ll get out of it—meaning it’s not just a pitch to do business with you?
  • Quality: Is what you’re posting actually worth interacting with? Think about your content in terms of “who cares” other than me…and maybe my co-workers and my mom.

The great thing about the Internet is the vast amount of content available across a wide variety of mediums. You have a plethora of tools available at your disposal that allow you to deliver content in other ways that aren’t just through blogs and email (though both are still great marketing mediums).

Have you tried mixing it up? With your computer or a smartphone, you can create a video and have it uploaded to YouTube in a short time. You can make a podcast talking about recent events in relation to your organization and how you might offer a differentiated perspective on a particular subject. The possibilities are endless, and throwing in a new way of delivering your message may get you some positive reception. With all of the resources readily available, it’s worth a shot to try something new and exciting.

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Download Inbound Marketing Necessities for a Revenue-Generating Website

Download Inbound Marketing Necessities for a Revenue-Generating Website