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 May 16, 2019

Virtual Healthcare (Telemedicine) & Marketing for Your Healthcare Business

Healthcare has made enormous leaps and bounds in creating new ways to care for patients recently, including Telemedicine, or what we call “virtual healthcare.” The healthcare industry has finally recognized that just getting out of the house to get to the doctor’s office can be one of the biggest barriers to reliable, needed care in the modern

Some people don’t have transportation, some patients need extensive help to travel to a healthcare office, and some people just don’t want to leave the comfort of their own homes because they have children, another person to care for in the home, or flat-out don’t feel good. Here we’ll look at virtual healthcare, how it’s changed the business of healthcare in general, and how your marketing campaign and solutions can make your practice more in demand in this brave, new world.

What is Telemedicine, TeleHealth, or Virtual Healthcare?

We’ve all been there -- hauling ourselves off the couch with kleenex box in tow to go wait in an emergency room or clinic waiting room for an hour before we can be seen by a physician. Many of us have recently been given the option to consult with a doctor or a nurse over the phone, or even by video conferencing on the computer. This is called virtual healthcare, and it gives physicians, patients, and healthcare workers more time for other tasks in their lives. According to the Harvard Business Review, virtual healthcare could save the United States and other countries billions of dollars annually. Virtual healthcare also includes:

  • Video

  • Mobile apps

  • Text messaging

  • Sensors

  • Social media

How is Virtual Healthcare or Telemedicine Affecting Healthcare?

Chances are, your patients are already using the Internet frequently to learn about their own health before they consult with a doctor, so taking the next step to virtual healthcare isn’t that much of a leap for most of us. There are some instances where it won’t be feasible, but for all the rest, it may be just what an overloaded healthcare system needs. Virtual healthcare is an amazing opportunity for healthcare businesses, patients, doctors, and marketing, all rolled up into one.

Healthcare today is facing an overflowing patient pool with much fewer healthcare practitioners than it needs -- that means people all over the world go without the necessary medical care because the cost is too high, the location is inconvenient or impossible for them to get to, and there aren’t enough healthcare professionals to see them in the first place. For aging senior populations and infants, this lack of care can be deadly. There is a better way, though -- virtual healthcare. The wave of the healthcare future has arrived, and primary care physicians are welcoming it.

Virtual healthcare means that healthcare businesses like yours will need to staff fewer people, among other bonuses, like:

  • More comfortable patients

  • Less patient anxiety

  • Less office space

  • Less salaries to pay

  • Less benefits to provide for workers

  • More time to consult with patients and research

  • Lower physician and patient costs for healthcare

How Can Marketing Help You with Virtual Healthcare?

When patients are already online speaking with a healthcare professional, your company can easily present them with healthcare options they might never have thought of in a non-invasive way.

Patients can be presented with ideas, content, and information that not only helps them stay loyal to your authentic healthcare practice, but also makes them feel more informed about their own health. At Hult Marketing, we think that’s a win-win. And we can help with this content creation. Hult will create all content and workflows required for a healthcare consumer-facing Inbound Marketing program to promote all your services, including telemedicine. 

Contact us today for more information on how to make your healthcare marketing compatible with virtual healthcare and telemedicine.

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