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 December 18, 2014

Closed-Loop Marketing: Utilizing Tracking Data to Enhance Your Marketing and Your Brand

Utilizing Tracking Data to Enhance Your Marketing & Your BrandI have written quite a bit about the importance of identifying and optimizing interactions across all of the touchpoints associated with your Brand. While this is an absolute necessity to the success of your Brand, it’s even more relevant when you have the opportunity to have clear and concise data that tells you about the effectiveness of interactions with almost any of your touchpoints.

Enter Closed-Loop Marketing.   

First, let’s have a quick review on touchpoints. Say you’re working at a hospital. Your Brand has an opportunity to interact with consumers—patients and prospective patients—at many different stages in their journey. In the pre-care environment, things like your website, digital ads and exterior signage (among many other things) are important.

When a patient, family member, or visitor enters your lobby, cafeteria or even your parking deck, they are bombarded with a plethora of touchpoints. These range from the lighting in the halls and the feeling of safety and security from the front door greeters to seeing the hospital staff go about their duties and everything in between.

Each of these encounters is an opportunity to have a positive “touch” on a person or a not so positive one. In the post-care environment, you continue to “touch” your patients with follow-up calls, visits, surveys and, yes, even billing. Botching one touchpoint can have a huge impact.

That’s why touchpoints are essential elements of your marketing. These Brand exposures are opportunities for you to differentiate your Brand from the competitors. And, when you are talking about something as people-focused and high-touch as healthcare, this is a huge opportunity to establish yourself at the forefront of your customers.

Sometimes measuring the effectiveness of touchpoints can be somewhat arbitrary, or difficult at best. But in the case of digitally focused media, you have a great opportunity to make sure your Brand’s touchpoints are generating interest. You have the opportunity to be sure your touchpoints are generating more prospects and helping those prospective patients and customers down the sales funnel. That’s why we think it’s important to engage in closed-loop-marketing whenever possible.

Closed-loop marketing allows you to improve your marketing by giving you access to valuable data obtained from visitors to your website. After getting a tracking system setup for your organization, you need to attract and drive visitors to your site and start collecting their information. The best way to get visitor information is by converting them into leads or prospects. This doesn’t just apply to selling iPads or other products; it applies equally to nurturing potential patients and other direct contact marketing interactions.

As we talked about before in some of our earlier blogs, as well as extensively covered in our free eBook, landing pages are a great way to enable visitors to submit their information to you.

If you lead visitors to a landing page, they can submit the information needed for you to follow-up with content related to the visitors’ interests and nurture the lead effectively with a continual stream of content. It’s important to know what your visitor is looking for in order to ultimately turn this lead into a new patient or a customer.

After your lead has become a patient or a customer, it’s time to analyze the progression of how a visitor progressed toward that point. This process is the last step in creating a closed-loop system for your enterprise. It should also be one of the easier steps if all of the previous steps were setup properly.

The closed-loop system you’ve set up will allow you to answer several of the questions you have involving your marketing and sales processes. For example, you can figure out which marketing avenue contributed the most customers or patients. In the case of digital, which touchpoints best benefitted your Brand?

For the underperforming channels, you can figure out what you can do to enhance their effectiveness. Unlike running a TV spot, which can pay big Brand-dividends—but can be hard to track, try looking at some of your more successful channels and comparing and contrasting what’s contributing to their success. This allows you to turn underperforming touchpoints into a lead-generating tool for your organization.

Closed-loop marketing is the culmination of setting up proper visitor and touchpoint tracking and successful lead conversion. Once CLM is set up, it will continue to work to your Brand’s benefit as long as you continue to track and tweak your content and programs to attract new and repeat visitors.

Your marketing should be stronger than ever because you have a better and more effective way to measure how your marketing is working for you. Just keep in mind, however, that loops can sometimes be broken. You might have to go back and diagnose the problem and get your loop closed again.

If you’re interested in learning more about CLM, check out Hult Marketing’s free eBook, “Building An Unbeatable Brand Experience: Improving Your Sales Cycle Through Closed-Loop Marketing.” Our eBook will help you with each step of creating a stronger and more cohesive marketing experience.

Properly analyzing and interpreting the data your closed-loop system provides can be a tricky task. Let's touch base and I will put the Hult Team's experience to work for you. We can connect at 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can create a better focus on your Brand. 

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