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 April 25, 2019

Utilize These Top Social Media Marketing Rules and Watch Your Healthcare Brand and Online Presence Grow Rapidly

For years, one of the most important types of marketing was word-of-mouth. Today, social media marketing is the new word-of-mouth marketing. One incredible or incredibly awful post can spread like wildfire in a matter of seconds, ultimately leading to great success or failure. Not having an online presence though, could be the ultimate failure, which is why growing your healthcare Brand using social media marketing is vital in the world of business today.acer-computer-device-6168-1

Here are five strategy rules to get started on marketing your healthcare Brand online today:

  1. Choose the Right Platforms: There are many different social media platforms, however thoroughly understanding the purpose of each platform will help in deciding which to use. Many companies feel they are missing out if they are not on all social media platforms from the get go. On the contrary, it is far more effective to join one or two that most closely align with what you're promoting and work towards learning those systems until they start to work for your business. Strategizing your ultimate goals with social media, paired with learning about each of the major platforms will help decide what platform is best to start out with.

  2. Provide Value: Think of the companies you follow on social media, and ask yourself what type of content do they post? Is it sales gimmick after sales gimmick? Or is it perhaps interesting information or advice that pertains to you? Most likely the latter, as the first option would have you unfollowing this company fairly quickly. This is where value comes in. Your audience isn't there to read your sales pitch on social media all day long. However, they are there to be entertained, inspired, or to learn. Think of why you're posting before doing so and make sure you're providing value in every post.

  3. Be Authentic: It is key to be genuine when sharing content with your audience. People can easily pick up on unauthentic content, so you must believe in the message you're putting out there. Being thoughtful and honest in your approach is significant when talking about any product. The underlying message is what your audience will be left with, and you want that message to show that your company genuinely cares and is trying to do good in the world.

  4. Quality is Key: When posting to social media, you always want to have quality in mind. It's easy to get stuck and have nothing to post, which typically results in companies posting random information that is essentially useless to their readers. Keeping quality top of mind and asking whether or not the content you're about to post is helpful to your readers before posting will help avoid getting stuck in the future.

  5. Be Consistent: When it comes to social media, consistency means more than just how frequently you're posting to each channel. While it is very important to have a set schedule for how often you post in a week and on what days you'll be posting, you also want to stay consistent with your message and style. From graphics to tone of voice, staying consistent will help grow your brand and leave a lasting impression.

Applying these rules to your social media marketing will help you grow your healthcare Brand and online presence overtime. When it comes to social, it's easy to get discouraged if your company’s posts aren't instantly going viral. Remember that the goal is to grow your brand's awareness and by applying all five of these rules consistently, you'll certainly grow your company's brand in the long run.

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