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 March 16, 2017

How to Effectively Use Inbound Marketing for Your Healthcare Brand

Inbound-Marketing-For-Healthcare-Brands.pngInbound marketing is a crucial component for marketers in the digital era. While inbound excels at driving sales and proving return on investment (ROI), did you know that it also helps enhance your Brand differentiation? The internet has seriously changed how Brands are developed and how people interact with them. Though healthcare organizations need to be tactful and attentive to keep their Brands afloat, the internet offers a very distinct advantage: every organization has the same opportunity to leverage its Brand Voice and find huge success. The key is to understand how to do it.

Before you can use inbound marketing to it’s fullest, you need to get a lock on your Brand and what it means to patients. The lynchpin of creating a powerful Brand is to understand your differentiation. We cover this in our free eBook, Empowering Your Healthcare Brand Distinction. When you know what makes your organization stand out from competitors, you can expand upon your differentiation to create a consistent Brand Voice.

For example, let’s say you are an eye care center specializing in outpatient procedures such as LASIK and cataract surgery. Conduct internal research that shows why your team gets up in the morning, and why patients choose you over the practice across town. Discovering and communicating your differentiation across all channels is one way a powerful healthcare Brand is constructed.

Now – this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Brand development. But, how does it relate to inbound marketing? 

A big part of successful inbound marketing is attracting the attention of your target audience and nurturing them through content that promotes your Brand distinction. That means blogs, video guides, whitepapers, and anything that adds value for patients. By distributing quality content that’s relevant to them, you’ll start pulling in interested leads. 

But how can you make sure your content will resonate with prospective patients? Two words: patient personas.

Patient personas help you craft content that provides value amongst key segments of your audience. Remember to keep the patient journey in mind when creating targeted content. The patient journey is the path a visitor takes from researching options to being a delighted patient.

Marketing no longer needs to be one-size fits all. Inbound marketing is effective because it lets you segment your audience into fractional groups and speak directly to individual patients. Utilizing inbound marketing allows your healthcare Brand to make a lasting impression on exactly whom you need it to.

The kicker here is consistency. If you can get your voice across your website but not throughout your email marketing efforts, you’re taking one step forward and two steps back. Patients respond to consistency, as it builds your Brand and allows you to develop trust. In addition, it enables you to meet your prospects on the channels they’re most comfortable with using, making it easier for them to interact with you.

Using an inbound platform like HubSpot allows you to track patient data from their initial contact with you all the way to becoming a loyal patient. It makes it easy to track which of your strategies are working and which are falling short, and provides you with a major competitive edge.

To learn more about inbound marketing and the effect it can have on your Brand, download our free eBook, Tools of the Trade: 7 Fundamentals to an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign.

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