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 August 05, 2015

The Importance of Inbound Marketing

The Importance of Inbound MarketingConsumers are searching for answers. To find them, they no longer rely on connections and advertisements to lead them to an organization that is the perfect fit. Since the beginning of the internet era, consumers have brought their searches online. They have all the information they need to find a solution to their problem at the click of a button. So, how will consumers find you and determine that you are a good fit for them?

Consumers need to be directed to your organization’s website and educated on what you do and how you do it. They need reassurance that you are a good choice for them, and the marketing tool that can do this for your organization is inbound marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is defined by the marketing activities that bring visitors in rather than marketers having to go out and get prospects’ attention. It’s about creating and sharing your organization’s content with the online world. With inbound marketing, you are a resource for your visitors. Attract qualified prospects to your organization, and keep them coming back for more.

Importance of an Integrated Inbound Marketing Program

Inbound marketing allows you to educate your audience and drive traffic to your website. By doing this, you create awareness for your Brand and have a greater opportunity of converting visitors to leads.

Implementing an integrated inbound marketing program is important to your organization’s success. It allows you to generate a larger lead and customer database, and saves you time and effort. When consumers have a problem, they immediately turn to the internet for answers. They conduct their own background research to find the company that will fulfill their needs. Make your organization the solution to their problems, and get found with your integrated inbound marketing program.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing can benefit your organization in a variety of ways:

  • Attract more website visitors: When you create content (blogs, eBooks, etc.) and optimize them for search, you allow your content to end up higher in the results. This will generate a greater amount of awareness and lead more visitors to your site. By creating quality content, you are able to answer visitors’ questions and build trust before you ever talk to them.
  • Convert visitors to leads: Attracting a greater volume of visitors to your website allows you to increase the amount you convert to leads. With inbound marketing, you do this using calls-to-action. Calls-to-action (CTAs) are text and/or images that are related to a specific offer or campaign and are targeted to compel the visitor to take action on your offer. Your CTA should lead your visitor to a corresponding landing page, that gives them more information on your campaign and the opportunity to exchange information for your offer—converting them from a visitor to a lead.
  • Convert leads to customers: Once you begin to generate leads, inbound marketing allows you to nurture those leads. This means that you continue to send them content related to their topic of interest. This moves them down the sales funnel and eventually converts them to a customer. Inbound marketing allows you to attract a greater amount of volume to your site, giving you the opportunity to convert more visitors to leads, and more leads to customers. What does this mean for your organization? A greater return on investment (ROI).
  • Saves time, money and effort: Inbound marketing saves you money by converting a greater amount of customers at a lower cost. In fact, the average inbound cost is about 60% less than outbound. This allows you to manage your budget more effectively. You can also set up your inbound marketing program through marketing automation, allowing you to run your campaigns around the clock. This will save you time and energy so you can effectively create and manage your marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing is an important tool to implement in your modern marketing strategy. It’s a way to attract, educate and build trust with consumers for a lower cost then the traditional outbound marketing campaigns. Start bringing qualified customers to your organization by implementing your integrated inbound marketing program today.

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