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 June 27, 2018

The Anatomy of a Five Star Healthcare Email

A few years ago, marketers thought email was on the decline because of the rise of social media. To this day email remains one of the best ways to generate leads, and promote your healthcare Brand's products and services. Healthcare organizations are spending more money on their email marketing campaigns while emphasizing social media and promotional campaigns. You can maximize pay-off by monitoring conversions and click-through rates with every email you send.aerial-blog-blogger-990819

So what's in a five star email? Here are some tips to help you craft emails that can't be ignored. 

Actual Person as Sender

The name you include in the “from” field has a huge impact on your open rates. When a patient receives an email from a real person they are more likely to open and look through the email. People feel a more personal connection when they read someone's name. Add the sender's picture or signature at the bottom of the email for a even more personalized touch.

Personalized Content

Beyond adding a first name to the greeting, you will want to develop targeted content for each segment list. This helps you deliver personalized email messages that are targeted directly to the patient – their demographics, buying stage, and/or pain points.


Your email should have a single goal for conversion, whether it is to download an eBook or sign up for a consultation. The call-to-action (CTA) button is the link that triggers this action. Make sure your CTA is prominently displayed in your email.

Your CTA should include two elements:

  • A visually distinct button, so recipients see where they need to click
  • Short, concise copy 

Social Sharing Buttons/Links

Smart digital marketers use social media channels to magnify the reach of their email marketing campaigns. This also allows your patients to share your content with their own followers. This means little effort for you, and more leads (and eyes) for your healthcare Brand.

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