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 August 31, 2016

The ABCs of Marketing Acronyms

Marketing_Acronyms.jpgDo you remember learning the alphabet when you were younger? The letters were new and different and at times you were confused by what you were learning. However, once you figured it all out, you could start putting the alphabet to use.

Sometimes marketing acronyms can seem a lot like learning the alphabet. CRM, CAC, CTA – what do they all mean? How do you use them? We’ve compiled a list of common digital marketing acronyms to help dissect their meaning. Brush up on these definitions to help make sure your Brand is a part of the conversation.

CMS: Content Management System: a web-based application that supports the creation and modification of digital content, using a common interface that typically supports a collaborative environment for multiple users.

Content management systems make streamlining your inbound marketing strategy incredibly easy and efficient. You can easily create and share landing pages, workflows, and blog posts.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management: a term that refers to strategies and technologies that companies use to analyze customer interactions through the customer lifecycle. This term is both an actual web-based application and a strategy. Often when discussing CRM, the terms are used interchangeably. Your CRM strategy must sync up with your CRM program. 

CRMs allow you to track and analyze how visitors are interacting with your website and other content. This can help you decide what elements are working for you and what elements need to be improved upon. You will also be able to tailor your content to specific clients and agents with an effective CRM.

CTA: Call-To-Action: an image or line of text that tells your visitors to take a specific action.

CTAs allow you to direct your visitors to more content or pages on your site. Typically, CTAs use words like “download” or “subscribe”. Your CTAs should be clear and actionable in order to be effective in your marketing strategy. With CTAs, the goal is to turn customers into leads that you can push through the sales funnel.

CAC: Customer Acquisition Cost: the entire cost of sales and marketing over a period of time, typically one year, divided by the number of customers acquired in that period.

This metric allows you to see how many marketing dollars you are spending and whether or not those marketing dollars are bringing in the volume of visitors your organization would like. Traditional marketing techniques were often less efficient and trackable a few years ago, but with the introduction of digital and inbound marketing, customer acquisition cost has decreased greatly. 

It is incredibly important to have a firm grasp on marketing acronyms. By understanding these concepts, you can create a more efficient and effective inbound marketing strategy. To learn more about inbound marketing, download our free eBook, Tools of the Trade: 7 Fundamentals of an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign.

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