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 January 15, 2015

Brand Building: Testing Your Landing Pages for Optimization

Optimizing Landing Pages through TestingLet’s say you’re a healthcare organization promoting cardiovascular screenings for $39, with the idea that patients could possibly uncover unexpected health concerns and, eventually receive diagnoses and treatment. Screenings include an ECG, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings and a few other tests- all of which your patients would care about but may not understand.

Prospective patients find your health-screening offer by searching for health information online and following a clearly crafted Call-to-Action on your website. They may also find the offer through organic search or through an offer they found in paid online advertising (there are a lot of ways to build traffic – call me if you want to discuss what is best for your situation). Of course, if you’re a CRM Rock Star, you use previously gathered data to really target your list towards the audience that will most likely benefit from your screening. 

But absent of segmented data, you send the details of the screening to your full patient database, via an attractive on-Brand email message. More importantly, you prominently feature a clickable call-to-action to sign up for a screening that leads readers to your landing page. This is where your visitors convert into lead, and that’s why it is essential that your landing page is optimized. You are looking to CONVERT “prospects” into “leads,” and events like this are great examples of why landing pages are a great mean of fostering ACTION.

Since landing pages are so important, you need to make sure that they work so you can convert prospects into leads. Testing your landing pages allows you to tweak certain parts of a page without having to completely make a new one. A good landing page better represents your Brand and conveys it as a friend, believable, and an overall more attractive offer in the mind of your visitors. And at the end of the day, landing page optimization is just a portion of creating an effective marketing campaign

Part of the key to a successful landing page is to continually tweak the elements of your landing page, especially since it’s not easy to get it right the first time. A good indication that you should optimize your pages is when you are having suboptimal lead conversion rates.

The easiest way to test what works best for your Brand’s offer is to create two different landing pages for the same offer to find the optimal set up. For example, you may want to test out whether or not a picture of a pregnant woman affects form completion rate for your prenatal care consultation page versus a picture of a newborn. You promote the same offer to two different (but equal in number) groups of potential patients. One group gets the landing page with the pregnant woman picture, the other the picture of the newborn. You can track the performance of both pages and get some semi-scientific results about what leads to more leads for your Brand. In order to do this, you will need to have a database that has more than a few names, as mailing to a very small list makes gathering usable data nearly impossible. 

If you’re confident your overall landing page has a good foundation, your best bet may be to change one element at a time and test each section on a separate basis. However, making a completely new landing page and comparing it against the current one also provides results. But – one of the downsides with this method is that you don’t really determine what exactly the problem was with the old page.

Here are a few things you can think about and consider tweaking:
  • The headline - Consider what you’re promoting and decide whether a clear headline or clever/witty headline would be more effective in getting your point across and catching the reader’s attention.
  • Color scheme - The colors and graphics should be appealing and reflect what visitors have come to expect when they see your Brand.
  • Page Layout – Your layout should be clean and easy to navigate. It may be beneficial to include arrows or some sort of marker to outline where your visitor needs to put in their information.
  • The image - The image on your page should be relevant to the offer and visually appealing, without being distracting.

If you find some significant differences when testing, make the appropriate changes. Test your landing pages often to keep them relevant. You may need to retool one landing page once every couple months, but another page may still receive steady activity for over a year.

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