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 May 07, 2015

Strengthening Your Brand Through Social Media and Blogging

Determine ROI of Social Media & BloggingAs you know, social media and blogging are two of the most popular tools used by marketers today, and as such, both tactics are an important part of any successful Inbound Marketing strategy.

As marketers continue to increase their spending on all strategies and tactics with a digital focus, it’s important to put strong effort toward creating relevant digital content for your website visitors. Without relevant content the rest of the Inbound Marketing machine quickly grinds to a halt. Full stop.

So, of course the question is how do we decide what is relevant to our audience? Well, there are a number of steps in the process, but for now let’s focus on what can be done after the content is already produced and posted. If we follow the bread crumbs, we can track if your digital ROI is making your content worth the effort. If the answer is "no," then maybe you should take another look at your content strategy.

For blogging, here’s some things to consider when trying to determine your ROI:

  • Individual post views
  • Visitor-to-lead conversion rate

For your social media posts, here’s some metrics to look at:

  • Social media engagement
  • Traffic from social media
  • Conversion rate from social media

More about these specific topics can be found in our free eBook.

First, let’s look at how engagement fits into the puzzle. As popular as social media and blogging is, it’s important to have analytics to find out what content your readers are clicking on to get to your site, landing page or whatever else you are posting.

The basic metrics, at least, are the number of likes, comments, re-tweets or any other relevant sign of approval or interaction on the site you’re using. It’d also be helpful if you had some closed-loop analytics to track visitor movements after they end up on your site.

After looking at visitor interactions as well as your sources of traffic, you gain an understanding of what people come to your Brand for and what type of content drives people to you. Understanding what works for your Brand is essential for focusing future marketing efforts as well as seeing where you should focus your resources on content.

Some of this information may seem redundant, but you need to remember that each piece of your marketing is connected to all of your other pieces. It’s almost like a puzzle, except you end up with a better and more effective marketing campaign, instead of just a picture of a great looking landscape.

You probably already use social media and blogging as part of your digital strategy—but are they effective? Are they producing ROI? Are they creating a more focused online presence for your Brand? Our free eBook, Increasing Your Inbound ROI, 3 Metrics That Matter: Landing Pages, SEO and Blogging, will help you establish better metrics for quality content.

Blogging and social media don’t seem to be going anywhere soon, so make sure you’re doing it right. Let's touch base and I will put the Hult Team's experience to work for you. We can connect at 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can create a better focus on your Brand. 

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