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 April 27, 2017

Use Secondary CTAs to Convert More Visitors into Patients

Secondary-CTAs-Healthcare.pngCalls-to-action (CTAs) are among the most important tools in your inbound marketing arsenal. Without them, your healthcare Brand is missing out on opportunities to increase patient volume. How will visitors convert to loyal patients? What will get them to sign up for your free LASIK consultation? What will entice them to learn more about cataract surgery and download your IOL guide? CTAs are essential to your healthcare marketing strategy and open up the doors to new patients for your Brand.

While primary CTAs link your visitors to an information-heavy content offer, like an eBook or whitepaper, taking action on the offer may not be appealing to every visitor that lands on your page. This could be due to the design of your form, or perhaps they aren’t interested in the initial offer at all. That’s where secondary CTAs can provide value to your inbound marketing strategy.

Secondary CTAs are the backup plan to your primary CTAs. They can still offer everything a primary CTA does – from consultation requests to blog subscriptions – but they vary based on context. They lead visitors to less information-demanding offers, such as providing an email address to subscribe to your healthcare blog.

Your secondary CTAs are for visitors who landed on your page, but may not be interested in that page’s information, or may have additional interests elsewhere. They allow you to capitalize on the opportunity to convert more visitors into patients and build more awareness for your services.

Your secondary CTAs need to be as strategic as your primary CTAs. They require the same amount of attention in order to be effective patient drivers for your healthcare Brand. Some key tips to ensure your secondary CTAs are effective include:

  • Align them with your established inbound marketing goals
  • Make sure they complement your primary CTA and do not compete against it
  • Consider the CTA algins with the stage of the patient journey
  • Focus on your visitors' interests first, and your services second
  • Reduce clutter and avoid overcrowding your webpages with CTAs

CTAs are vital to increasing patient volume for your practice, but require strategic planning in order to be effective. Optimize on this opportunity to convert more website visitors by using these tools on your healthcare website.

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