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 May 29, 2018

4 Ways to Reach Your Patients Using Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Healthcare CompaniesEmail marketing is one of the best healthcare marketing tools for reaching your patients. Along with the bit of privacy that email offers when compared to other marketing activities, email can be personalized and customized so it's relevant for your recipients while also giving you an opportunity to solidify your practice's culture with your audience. Here are effective four ways to reach your patients using email marketing. 

1. Newsletters

Patient newsletters are simple to create and flexible enough to customize for every segment of your patient audience. For example, you can write short pieces on a variety of subjects, and then choose which subjects each segment will receive based on past activity and interactions. 

Newsletters offer a way to stay in regular contact with patients who may not have any current needs and to build relationships with new readers. The key to making them work is to send them on a predictable, regular basis so your readers come to expect and anticipate their arrival.

2. Downloadable Content

Ebooks and other downloadable content can be the right tool for targeting patients who are in need of in-depth information on specific subjects. Because of patient privacy laws, it may not be possible to base your messaging on a particular diagnosis, but generalized information on a variety of topics can be offered based on previous engagement with content.

For example, if you include a short segment on the importance of sunscreen in one of your newsletters and a reader clicks a link to learn more, you may consider following up with an offer to download an ebook that details the risks associated with long-term sun exposure and skin cancer, along with preventive measures to take.

3. Specials & Offers

From seasonal flu vaccine drives to educational campaigns about HPV and Pneumococcal vaccinations, there are lots of ways for a healthcare practice to reach patients without violating privacy laws. If your practice offers specials such as free flu shots in the fall, reach out to your patient base with an email campaign that explains the importance of the vaccination along with details regarding your special offer. 

4. Events

Seminars, workshops, and other special events are perfect for patient outreach, but only if your patients know about them! Email is a convenient way to get the word out, and when you target your audience based on past activity, you'll be better able to match patients with events that are meaningful.

Go the extra mile by including links to add events to a reader's Google or Outlook calendar, share events on social media, and send direct invitations to family and friends. That way, you can expand your reach well beyond your email list.

Relevance Matters

Email marketing works best when you match your readers' interests with relevant messaging--something that can be difficult to achieve with healthcare marketing due to HIPAA laws and patient privacy concerns. However, there are lots of ways to stay in touch and keep patients interested in your current events so you can make the most of email marketing.

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