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 July 13, 2016

Presidential Pushes: What 2016 Election Hashtags Can Teach Your Brand

55614639_s.jpg54056524.jpg58530744_1.jpg53528609.jpg15756708.jpg52312011.jpg55614639.jpg43239520-1.jpgPresidential campaigns are nothing new in today’s society. Every four years we are bombarded with campaign slogans, brochures, posters, debates and commercials. However, presidential campaigning hasn’t always been the norm. Historians claim that Aaron Burr was the first person to openly campaign for his shot at the White House. He went door to door and shook hands with the masses. Funny thing is - Burr didn’t win. All that schmoozing and he still came up short. After a split vote, the House of Representatives favored Jefferson, and Burr became Vice President. 

Going door to door in the 1800’s was a difficult task and there was no way for Burr to talk to every person. But what if he had some other way to communicate more effectively to the nation? Imagine Burr was able to use social media. Social media has become the battleground for presidential campaigns. In the 2016 election season we have seen social media taken to a whole new level. Each candidate this election created their own unique hashtag. The presidential hashtag phenomenon teaches us a lot about how to effectively integrate hashtags into inbound marketing campaigns.  

Exposing Your Content to a Wider Audience

It can be impossible to send your content to everyone in the world, but the use of hashtags has made it much easier. Using a specific hashtag is a simple way to get your content to more people. In the 2016 election, candidates are desperately seeking the millennial vote. The hashtag #StudentLoanForgiveness was used by almost every candidate to discuss their views on the topic. This allowed people, even those not following each candidate, to see their content on the matter. Your Brand can use a specific hashtag to reach more people outside of your network.  

Interact With People During Important Events

The Super Bowl is one of America’s most watched TV programs every year. Whether you’re watching the actual game, waiting for the half time show, or on the look out for the funniest commercial, there is something for everyone. During the 2014 Super Bowl, one insurance company took twitter by storm. Esurance aired a commercial stating that if you tweeted the hashtag #esurancesave30 you would be entered to win 1.5 million dollars. The hashtag refers to how you can save 30% by switching to their insurance. By the next morning, over 2.39 million people had tweeted using their specific hashtag. Esurance used the power of advertising during the Superbowl, and social media marketing to get their Brand seen by millions of people. When done correctly, using a hashtag can increase engagement and improve your overall social media presence.  

Create Twitter Chats

President Obama was the first ever president to take questions over Twitter. People used the hashtag #WHchat to ask the President about anything and everything. At the beginning to the 2015 campaign season, Donald Trump decided to begin a twitter chat as well. This was a great way for each to respond to a massive amount of questions. 

Thousands of twitter chats occur daily, and each has it’s own specific hashtag. Choosing a specific and relevant hashtag is also an important part of holding a twitter chat. As a Brand, holding a twitter chat is a great way for potential customers to ask questions and receive quick answers. A Twitter chat is also a great opportunity for you to provide industry expertise to a wider audience.  

Social media is how people consume news, interact, and entertain themselves daily. The power of hashtags has grown too large to ignore. Brands can utilize hashtags to interact, inform and listen to consumers. Don’t get left in the dust like Aaron Burr. Differentiate yourself by using the power of the hashtag. To learn more about hashtags and social media download, Tools of the Trade: 7 Fundamentals of an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign.  

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