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 February 02, 2017

Marketing for Healthcare: Generate Leads to Your Website With Blogging

Marketing-For-Healthcare-Blogging.pngThe industry is in a unique position when it comes to content marketing for healthcare practices. There will always be a wealth of information readily available for healthcare-specific blogs. Additionally, people are always looking for quick answers to their healthcare questions online.

Many healthcare marketers aren’t taking advantage of these benefits. They aren’t leveraging the opportunity to establish themselves as healthcare thought leaders and in turn, convert warm leads into living, breathing patients. If you are one such healthcare practice, then you should consider these four simple ways you can supercharge your lead generation efforts through blogging.

1. Optimize Your Blog Posts

Blogging is an effective way to drive traffic to your practice’s website. However, it’s not enough to simply blog because you have a blog. You must be strategic and optimize your blog so that it’s constantly generating leads and filling your appointment slots. The following are a few tips and tricks you can use to optimize your blog:

  • Put your blog on your website instead of using it as a standalone
  • Optimize your blog for your targeted keywords
  • Incorporate rich media

Your market isn’t a homogenous group of people. What content works for some may not work for others. Appeal to them all by incorporating rich media like infographics, videos, high-definition images. In fact, a Content Marketing Institute study states that “content with visuals get almost 95% more views.” More views mean more leads.

2. Highlight Offers on Your Blog

Landing pages aren’t the only time you should consider your offers. Like every other aspect of your business, your offers should align with your blogs and website. As such, incorporate your offers into your blog posts. By doing this, you ensure that customers who are ready to buy always have easy access to one of your offers, even if it’s only to sign up for an email list.

3. Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

A Small Biz Study found that 70% of small businesses didn’t include a CTA in their blog posts. Of those that did, many were ineffective and lacked appeal. The “tipping point between bounce and conversion” is how Michael Aagaard of Unbounce describes CTAs. CTAs aren’t simply important; they are critical to generating leads. To be effective, make your CTAs easy to spot and make their points jump out to your visitors.

4. Remember, Sharing is Caring

“Sharing is caring” is more than a cute saying. This saying consists of three simple words that remind you of your duty as an expert--you must empower people through knowledge. It’s that duty, that position as a thought leader that will help you convert your blog posts social shares into leads for your organization. Include links to social media platforms within your blogs so that visitors can share your content easily.

Your blog posts can lead to a wealth of leads, but you have to know how to tap into their hidden potential. At Hult Marketing, we help healthcare practices move their Brands forward by using proven content marketing strategies. We can help you too. Give us a call today at 309-673-8191 or request a free consultation and we can discuss your marketing strategy. Download the Tools of the Trade eBook Today!

Download the Tools of the Trade eBook Today!