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 November 13, 2014

Appealing Landing Pages Can Make Your Brand Stand Out

Landing Pages Make Your Brand Stand OutRecently, we introduced the landing page: an effective but underutilized healthcare and business marketing technique. The main idea behind a landing page is to convince visitors to give you their contact information, usually in exchange for something like an eBook or a consultation. Let’s talk about some ways to help lay the foundation for an appealing and Brand-enhancing landing page to convert more visitors to leads and strengthen your marketing and Brand strategy. 

  • Use a clear title, description and layout to emphasize the worth and value of your offer. This creates incentive and motivation for visitors to sign up for it.
  • Make your landing page clean and easy to navigate. Make the text easy to read and understand.
  • Remove the temptation to click away from the form by not including any links on the landing page. Keep your visitors focused on filling out the form in front of them.
  • Incorporate your Brand’s Claim of Distinction to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Highlight exactly what makes your Brand unique and emphasize that using your landing page. Your landing page should match up with the appearance and values of your Brand.
  • Thank your visitors for taking the time to fill out your form. This can be either a thank-you page they’re directed to after submitting the form or an auto-generated email sent after the information has been received. This step, of course, comes after they’ve filled out the lead capture form.
  • Follow up the form submission with a list of other offers the visitor may be interested in or the next steps they can take. This engages the visitors with your Brand and keeps them interested in what you have to offer.

After all of this, there’s still some work to do to make sure your landing page is actually working to benefit your Brand. Keep an eye on the click-through rate of the “submit” button and do some evaluations. What percentages of people that end up on the landing page actually complete the form? Of those that complete the lead forms, how many of those convert to your next goal, maybe become customers or patients?

Remember, the goal of a landing page is to convert the information the visitor submits into an asset for your company. Be prepared to continually tweak your landing page to get the best results.

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