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 October 05, 2017

Increase ROI for Your Healthcare Brand with Relationship Marketing

Increase ROI for your healthcare Brand with relationship marketingAfter a quick scan of your local healthcare market, you may wonder how it’s possible to get your Brand to resonate with patients in an industry that’s so saturated. How can you create Brand awareness and encourage patient loyalty to increase ROI for your healthcare Brand? The answer: relationship marketing.

What Is Relationship Marketing?

Whether you refer to it as “patient-centric marketing” or “relationship marketing,” it’s the same idea. Relationship marketing is the process of creating long-lasting relationships with patients before, during and after they visit your practice. Relationship marketing encourages patients to remain loyal Brand advocates well after their purchase. Furthermore, it also helps your healthcare practice increase patient retention and adoption.

By using relationship marketing, your healthcare Brand helps patients overcome challenges they face during the buying process. For instance, by ensuring that everyone at your practice is focused on building long-lasting relationships, emphasize it as part of your company culture. This can help your Brand minimize pain points in the buying process, which will lead to increasing your conversion rate, reducing churn and increasing ROI. Your patients will trust you and want to return to your practice.

Three Proven Ways to Use Relationship Marketing

In order to increase your ROI, your relationship marketing strategy must utilize proven techniques. One of the best methods to build relationships with your patients and increase ROI in healthcare marketing is to use a content marketing strategy.

1. Leverage the Power of an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Kapost examined the content marketing strategies from a group of companies and discovered that Brands that use a content marketing strategy on their website convert six times more than those that do not have one. Additionally, those sites also produce 75 percent more qualified leads.

Hult Marketing helps take your healthcare content marketing strategy to new heights by using relationship marketing. Starting with a Brand discovery workshop tailored specifically to your practice, we work with your Brand from the very beginning to help you discover your Brand’s voice and the unique elements that differentiate your healthcare Brand.

Using insights gleaned from the initial consultation, we proceed to develop a content marketing strategy unique to your healthcare Brand. Next, with the use of our Brand Accountability ROI Model, Hult Marketing creates an integrated marketing strategy that spans multiple channels to target patients. Ultimately, the model helps guarantee that your Brand will see a positive return from your marketing efforts.

2. Know Where Patients Are in the Patient Journey

When it comes to converting potential patients, you must use your knowledge of the patient journey. Patients who are in the awareness stage require different information about your products and services than your current patients. If you place your landing page too early in the buying process, or you don’t have the ability to remarket to hesitant patients, then you run the risk of losing patients to the competition.

At Hult Marketing, we use marketing analytics to understand your patients’ behaviors and the reasons why they might abandon the conversion process. By using marketing analytics, you can know exactly what aspects of your strategy needs tweaking.

3. Anticipate Where and How Patients Find You

In a sense, healthcare marketing is like a game of chess. You need to visualize your patients’ next moves so that you can meet them where they are and capture their attention. It’s important to know which platforms and search engines your patients use, the keywords and phrases they search for and what devices they are using. Once you know that information, your Brand can plan accordingly.

One way your healthcare Brand can prepare for the way patients search the internet is to have a mobile-friendly site. In 2016, mobile devices became the most-often used devices to access the internet instead of desktop computers. Long gone are the days of designing a website just for desktop. Now you must design your healthcare website primarily for mobile devices, and then adjust it for desktops.

But it's not just mobile devices that are taking the digital market by storm. Did you know that Facebook has 2 billion active monthly users? Hult Marketing keeps up with the latest marketing news and trends, including social media marketing. This allows our team to produce content that’s easily shared on social media platforms and viewed on mobile devices.

We offer a broad range of healthcare marketing strategies and techniques that will walk your patients through the conversion process. Our strategies help you set your healthcare practice apart from the rest by uncovering your Brand’s differentiation.

To learn more, you can download our free eBook, Better ROI Inbound Marketing Analytics: Email, Lead Generation and Nurturing, to learn more about increasing your ROI using relationship marketing.

By integrating your current marketing strategies with ROI-based inbound methodologies, we work to attract more patients to your Brand. Let's chat and put the Hult Team’s experience to work for you. You can contact me at 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can increase ROI for your healthcare Brand. 

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