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 June 08, 2017

5 Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies to Increase Patient Volume

5-Strategies-Patient-Volume.pngAttracting new patients through newspaper ads and billboards is no longer effective. While these promotional activities still provide results and create awareness, they need to be a part of an integrated communications strategy in order to increase patient volume for your healthcare Brand. As a healthcare marketer, increasing patient volume through inbound marketing is effective, automatic and seamless — when done correctly.

At Hult Marketing, we’ve tried a number of patient generation strategies; however, the following 5 strategies are the cream of the crop when you are trying to find the perfect recipe for your inbound marketing campaigns.

1. Perfectly Executed Pop-Ups

To many online patients pop-ups are a nuisance. When marketers and advertisers implement them incorrectly, they are disruptive, to say the least. In some cases, they force websites to load slowly. They also interrupt what patients are reading. Used incorrectly, pop-ups could drive traffic away from your site, rather than helping to convert them to a patient.

Pop-ups can also pay dividends for your healthcare Brand. When used effectively, pop-ups work hard to help your blog generate new and returning patients. The key to using them effectively is to reduce how disruptive they are on your website pages. Instead of breaking the flow in a blog, your pop-up should assist readers. 

Pro Tip: Use timed or consumption-driven pop-ups that add to the content your visitors are reading to increase patient volume.

2. Attract Loyal Patients with Social Media

When it comes to attracting patients on social media, there is no other tool that can generate the most leads relative to the cost and time invested. According to a Sprout Social study, social media platforms can help organizations reduce marketing costs by 45%, while improving lead generation revenue by 24%; however, you have to know which social platform works best for your Brand. Analyze which social campaigns drive leads, and then use that information to your advantage.

Pro Tip: To generate more loyal patients using social media, be helpful and strive to resolve your visitors’ problems.

3. Use Gated Content to Inform Patients

The idea of just giving away information and alternative treatment solutions may seem astounding, but it’s one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Patients are turning to search engines to gain information on their symptoms and treatment options, so why not be the resource they rely on when it comes to health-related information? When you employ gated content, such as eBooks and newsletters, you drive traffic that may turn into loyal patients.

Pro Tip: Gated content such as videos, infographics, slideshows, webinars and white papers are powerful tools to gain new and loyal patients.

4. Use In-Line Text Call-to-Actions

Research shows that humans read in an “F-pattern.” We scan the topmost portion of a web page fully; then we read downward and midway as we scan from left to right again. Following our left-to-right scan, we once again scan articles to get the full gist of what we are reading.

Understanding how humans read helps you tailor your website content. If your readers’ eyes naturally scroll to the middle section of your content, then whatever you place there should be vital to your inbound marketing strategy, especially when it comes to increasing patient volume.

In-line text calls-to-action (CTA) are the perfect use of space for this section. This formatting keeps your CTAs above the fold, so they’ll standout for readers. Additionally, with the right keyword placement, they’ll improve your rankings on search engine pages and provide a means to link to older, high-performing, related blog posts.

Pro Tip: Make your in-line text CTA standout by making it an H3 or H4 header.

5. Support New Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Both creating and launching an inbound marketing campaign takes a lot of work; however, to increase patient volume, you have to support your inbound marketing campaigns with more content. Once you launch an inbound marketing campaign, announce it. You can do this in a blog post, a livestream, or a pre-recorded video. Once you’ve announced your campaign, follow up with results and tidbits about your endeavor over the course of a month to support your initial campaign. Supporting content can come in the form of blogs, graphs and videos. Base your support for your inbound marketing campaign on what’s proven successful for you in the past. If your blog posts are popular, then write four blog posts throughout the month to drive leads.

Pro Tip: The longer you continue to support thriving inbound marketing campaigns, the more new and loyal patients you will bring to your practice.

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