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 June 25, 2015

The Importance of Discovering Brand Distinction - Your Unique Brand

Discovering Your Unique BrandA dollar bill is nothing more than a piece of paper, but Branding has given it value. It lists the owner of the Brand, gives a testimonial from George Washington, provides a “users guide,” and touches on the audience’s emotions with the line, “In God We Trust.” Branding gives it worth. Just as it did for the dollar, Branding gives your company worth in the eyes of your consumers. Your Brand is what separates you from the competition and turns one-time customers into lifelong Brand ambassadors.

Without Branding, marketing holds no value. Marketing expert Gerry Foster said, “Branding is differentiating yourself. Marketing is getting people to see the difference.”

Your Brand is the foundation of everything your marketing seeks to communicate with your audience. Branding must always come first, or you will send mixed messages and leave consumers confused about your company’s image.

Without a strong, consistent Brand, consumers may see your company as just one of the many options. You must deliver a distinct message, experience and feeling that people will associate with your company. Help them understand what makes your Brand unique, then follow through with that message and deliver on your promises. Even in a negative economy, customer experience is a high priority for consumers. According to a report by Harris Interactive, 60% say they will often or always pay more for a better experience.

To define your Brand and separate it from the competition, you must decide what makes you unique. Look at why you do what you do, not what you do. This will transform the way you and your customers see your Brand. How your define your Brand should echo throughout your entire company, down to every last employee and every touch point customers have with your Brand. Consistency is key.

Looking through your Brand Lens helps you deliver a consistent message from all fronts. To build trust, you must demonstrate repeatedly what you claim as your Brand distinction. Accomplishing this level of consistency comes from running each piece of your campaign through the same test to ensure it meets your promise and customers’ expectations. Everything from communication to employee action must be seen through a clear Brand Lens. If it does not fit, it should be reevaluated and improved or removed.

It’s easy to fall into a comfortable pattern with marketing. Even companies who have been in the game for years and who seem to be running a successful operation can benefit from rediscovering their Brand. Looking at why you do what you do is an excellent reminder of the unique qualities your company has to offer. Help customers reconnect with your Brand and rediscover why they chose you, or if they didn’t, why they should.

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