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 March 14, 2019

How Dynamic Content Can Improve Your Healthcare Marketing Efforts

As a healthcare professional, marketing your business isn’t always on your mind, but choosing a healthcare provider or business is always on your patients’ minds. They have more choices today than ever, and your marketing campaign can help guide them through the process.

While there are many aspects to a healthcare marketing campaign, one of the less technical and complicated of these is dynamic content. Here we’ll explore dynamic content, what it is, and how it can help your healthcare business thrive in the most organic way

What is Dynamic Content?

Techopedia defines dynamic content as website content that regularly changes based on patient (or website user) interactions, timing, and other parameters set by a marketing company or team like Hult Marketing

Although it’s all tied up in server/website/patient devices, software, and preferences, dynamic content is, at it’s most basic, the content that patients encounter on your website and other websites as they are browsing on the Internet for a healthcare provider or healthcare services. In other words, dynamic content changes images, videos, ads, articles, blogs, and website information that patients interact with as they are searching for healthcare information about a particular health issue. 

This part gets a bit more technical, so hold onto your stethoscopes. Dynamic content such as emails, blogs, articles, videos, and images is easy enough to create online or with the help of a crackerjack marketing team, but the actual implementation of it should be left to a professional marketing company like Hult. (We have the knowledge, experience, and ability to make dynamic content work for your business.) Not only will we deal with the logistics, but we will help you prepare content driven by personas, tailored by the target audience that we work with you, the client, to define.

Dynamic content can be provided on your website using client-side scripting and frameworks like Javascript, or by using server-side scripting. Did we lose you? Well, let’s just say a marketing company may be just what you need to keep your healthcare marketing content dynamic.

How Can Dynamic Content Improve Healthcare Marketing?

We’ve talked about how patient engagement is a key factor in healthcare marketing in other articles, and that still holds true with dynamic content. Changing content can do the following for your healthcare business:

  1. Increase your patient base

  2. Use personalized, data-driven recommendations

  3. Increase advertising ability

  4. Help patients find the right information faster

  5. Create effective and accurate patient personas

Dynamic content is aimed at personalizing the patient experience in healthcare and helping them discover your business website as a solution to their individual needs. Dynamic content will personalize a patient experience, reducing repetitive questions and information they need to view before scheduling an appointment with the right healthcare service (hint: yours). When patients need healthcare, they need it now, and they don’t have time to mess around with difficult site navigation or information that doesn’t pertain to them. Dynamic content eliminates this frustration and makes life easier for your patients, all while increasing your patient base.

How Can I Get Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content is much easier said than done, but with the right plan and the right company, you can get started today. Email dynamic content is a great place to begin with marketing automation. It saves you time and energy by updating your website with new content on a regular basis, keeping your patients engaged and interested.

No one wants to read the same old content over and over when they visit a website. Static (unchanging) content makes your patients feel as if they’ve been forgotten, and never presents them with any new information.

If your team has not gone through a deliberate process to hone in on your audience, we're here to help. We will take a deep dive into where those individuals go to find content, what their decision making process is, and to what extent they lean on social media, reviews, or other online entities to make decisions.

Keep your patients engaged and increase your patient base with dynamic content with Hult Marketing’s help. You and your patients will be glad you did.

Let's chat and put the Hult Team’s inbound experience to work for you. You can reach me at either 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can grow your healthcare Brand.

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