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 September 28, 2017

Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs to be on Social Media Right Now

Your Healthcare Practice Needs Social MediaIn the fast-paced world of marketing, social media isn’t a new thing anymore. However, social media is constantly evolving and thus becoming increasingly more important to employ as part of your healthcare Brand’s marketing strategy. Whether your practice already uses social media or not, these seven facts prove why your healthcare practice needs to be on social media right now.

1. Patients are using it…all the time

From Snapchat to LinkedIn, patients of all ages are using various social media platforms to connect and interact. Your healthcare Brand wants to be where patients are. In fact, 28% of American patients prefer to engage with your practice through social media than visit in-person. So, come to patients in their element, where they feel comfortable.

Through social media, your healthcare Brand can interact with patients by answering their questions and providing them useful, relevant information. Did you know that 89% of social media messages sent to Brands are ignored? Furthermore, Brands’ average response time is 10 hours, while patients only wait an average of 4 hours for a reply. Both your current and prospective patients are expecting your Brand to use social media.

2. It can boost your Brand image

By interacting with patients in a personal, yet professional, manner on social media, your healthcare Brand can feel more genuine. Since patients are quick to recognize friendliness and honesty in social media posts, it’s important to find a balance in the content your practice creates and posts. A good rule of thumb for social media content is to post 80% educational content and 20% promotional.

There are several ways your practice can develop helpful, trustworthy content for your patients. One suggestion we have for your healthcare Brand is to utilize patient-generated content.

3. Your competition is using it

Potential patients are searching Facebook reviews for LASIK practices nearby and your Brand needs to be in the results. The competing practice across town is using social media, so your practice should be using it even better. Find something relevant that your competitors aren’t talking about, and then use that to distinguish your healthcare Brand and create engaging content.

4. Content nurtures leads

Your website content, blogs and emails aren’t the only things that can nurture leads. Use your Brand’s social media to share your branded healthcare content and any other relevant content that helps attract and engage patients. To nurture leads and increase patient retention and adoption, your practice can post calls-to-action (CTAs) or links to your landing pages.

Keep in mind that it’s not just the wording of your CTA or the time of day you post it that determines its success. The content that surrounds your CTA has an impact as well.

5. It’s inexpensive

Of the various advertising and marketing strategies your healthcare practice can utilize, social media is relatively inexpensive. Making an account on most social platforms such as Twitter and Instagram is free for your Brand. From there, it’s not necessarily big budgets that win patients.

6. It can affect SEO

If you search Google for your healthcare Brand, your website isn’t the only result – your social media pages can appear as well. However, simply having social media and isn’t enough, you need to have a strategy to use it regularly. When patients are searching online, your social media allows them to find and interact with your Brand easier.

While social media does not directly impact your healthcare website’s rank in search engine results, the social activity will help build your Brand’s visibility and links

7. It strengthens your overall marketing strategy

Coordinate your social media strategy with the rest of your healthcare Brand’s content such as your emails, website, downloadable content and blog. Doing this strengthens your overall inbound marketing strategy and allows your Brand to see a greater return on investment (ROI).

There’s more to a successful inbound marketing campaign than your social media strategy. You can read more about inbound marketing and how it can enhance your current marketing strategy in our free eBook, Tools of The Trade: 7 Fundamentals of an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign.

We integrate inbound marketing methodologies into your current social media marketing strategy to attract more patients to your practice. Let’s chat and put the Hult Team’s experience to work for you and your Brand. You can reach me at 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can grow your healthcare Brand. 

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