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 February 23, 2018

Your Healthcare Practice Doesn't Need a Press Release For Everything

The amount of information that's available to consumers is astounding. For example. there are currently more than one billion websites online right now. Google's current index stands at around 45 billion pages. Then there's emails, texts, social media updates, app pages, downloads, and podcasts. And we haven't even touched on the world of brand press release

Starting to get the picture?

Inbound marketing strategies to increase patient volume often rely on lots of content to attract a broad audience, but the key to getting healthcare marketing right is to stay focused on the needs of your patients and prospective patients. In other words, having a vast library of content is only useful if the content itself is useful. Here's what you need to know about creating content with a purpose.

Trust and Thought Leadership

One of the biggest payoffs of content marketing is trust. When your content is directed toward the needs of your readers and packed with useful information, your prospects will gain confidence in your healthcare Brand. When confidence starts to build, not only will your practice be their likely first choice, but you will also begin to establish yourself as a thought leader in the healthcare industry, or be considered a go-to source of trusted information and inspiration.

How do you achieve these goals? By not wasting your patients' and prospective patients' time with unnecessary material, and creating quality content with a purpose.

How It's Done

Rather than pushing out a new blog or penning press releases for every single topic and event, before you create your next piece, ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Who Is This For? It's impossible to create something that is both purposeful and aimed at your entire audience. Choose a persona, and keep them in mind for the whole process.
  2. What Do They Want? Take the time to research what your audience wants to know about. Forget about everything you want them to know. Inbound marketing means giving readers what they want, when they want it.
  3. What Stage of the Buyer's Journey is This For? Are you trying to build Brand awareness or help patients who are currently comparing practices? Your focus will be very different for a prospective patient versus one you've seen for years. 
  4. What Action Are You Inspiring? In other words, what do you want readers to do after reading? Are you trying to educate readers and encourage them to keep reading? Move them down the funnel and request a consultation?
  5. Am I Adding Value? This question should be asked throughout the creation of any content—not just in the beginning or once it's complete. Are you offering something that only you can provide? A new perspective? A better explanation? Know the value of your content before it's ever created.

Less Can Be More

Information overload happens fast these days. Don't inundate your patients and prospective patients with tons of unnecessary material. Stay focused on what your audience wants to hear and what you want your content to accomplish. Then, make sure you're adding value every step of the way and you'll achieve inbound marketing success. 

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