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 November 16, 2017

Healthcare Marketing: 6 Fantastic Content Ideas to Use Today

Healthcare Content Marketing IdeasWe’ve all been there before, cranking out a seemingly endless streak of great content, when suddenly it hits: writer’s block. Now you’re stuck and can’t seem to figure out what to do next. Well, today you’re in luck! To help you get your gears moving again, here are seven creative content marketing ideas and tips to use for your healthcare Brand.

1. Checklist

Being able to check things off a list can give patients motivation to do a task, and then a sense of accomplishment once they complete it. Checklists have many other benefits as well, such as helping patients stay organized. Put together a downloadable checklist that leads up to a specific call-to-action or another key point in your healthcare marketing conversion process.

2. Q&A

Show off your knowledge and interpersonal skills to current and potential patients by hosting a live question and answer session. Both Twitter and Facebook are popular platforms to host such Q&A’s.Hult Marketing Twitter Q&A

3. Negativity

No, that doesn’t mean to be pessimistic or rude, but you can still use negativity in other ways to draw patients’ attention. Try using a negative subject line in an email or a negative title for one of your healthcare blog posts. Here are some examples of negative headlines:

  • The Worst Assumptions You Can Make About Your Eye Health
  • Your Risk of Developing Cataracts Has Never Been Higher
  • Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Learn More About LASIK

4. Timeline

Add some character to the “About” page on your healthcare Brand’s website by creating an infographic or diagram outlining key points in your healthcare practice’s history over the years. Even if you’re not experienced with design, there are many online templates to give you a place to start.Hult Marketing Timeline

5. Live-Tweet

A fun way to engage your patients is to share with them during live events. Is there an upcoming conference your healthcare practice is attending? Perhaps your practice is hosting a staff potluck next week. Get on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat and share what’s happening with your followers.

Live-tweeting is a great way to both entertain your current followers and gain new followers. Prior to the event, make sure you notify your followers that you’ll be live-tweeting and share which hashtags you’ll be using. At the event, share the hashtag with attendees so they can find your tweets as well.

6. Series

Turn one idea, into lots of ideas! For instance, if patients are showing lots of interest in a certain healthcare blog post and it’s acquiring a lot of traffic, take that topic or idea and expound on it. Obviously, patients are interested and craving that type of content.

Depending on the topic and your content style, you have many options to choose from for your series. Some ideas include a monthly blog post, a weekly email newsletter, or a daily social media post on that topic.

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