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 October 18, 2018

Growing Patient Volume Part 1: Five Effective Online Strategies to Maximize Elective Procedures

In today’s connected world, patients are much more educated on medical conditions and available treatment options are much further through the process of selecting a provider for elective procedures before they ever interact with a member of your staff.close-up-coffee-colleagues-1394739

According to an ongoing study by Pew Research, 80% of all Internet users have searched for a health-related topic online, with many of these searches consisting of practice and provider research in their area. This trend continues to increase and clearly has a profound impact on the way patients and family members seek information and choose a specific provider. 

As this is the method in which your current and future patients are finding their information, it is vital to have an active online presence. To assist in those efforts, here are 5 effective online strategies to stay active online and grow your patient volume:

1. Harness Your Brand Distinction

Discovering the elements that differentiate your practice from your competitors will allow you to stand out from the many other practices your patients are searching for. Your Brand consists of determining your Brand Promise (what you say you’ll do) and your Brand Purpose (why you do what you do), paired with your Brand Performance (what your patients and prospective patients actually experience).

2. Serve The Patient On Their Journey

Understand whom you’re targeting to ensure that you are reaching the right people at each stage of the patient’s journey. The patient journey consists of three important stages: 1) Awareness: Patients are unaware of their problems or their solutions, 2) Consideration: Patients understand their problems better, but need more information before choosing a solution, 3) Decision: Patients have found a handful of solutions, but need validation before making a decision.

3. Understand How Google Works

Cultivate your visibility to get found by potential patients. Showing up on Google is a result of the frequency and location of keywords within your webpages, how long your webpages have existed, and the number of other webpages that link to your website.

4. Build Content Strategy Around The Patient’s Journey

Decide what your implementation strategy looks like by deciding whom you want to educate and what information they will be looking for to better educate themselves. Strategize your marketing program to be held up to measurable results using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound) goals.

5. Create Content Based On Patient Journey

Understand the content needs to patients that are at each stage of the funnel. The three different stages of the funnel are the: 1) Top of the Funnel: Content to promote includes blog posts and premium content such as eBooks, video, and social media posts, 2) Middle of the Funnel: content to promote includes automated emails with supporting content, 3) Bottom of the Funnel: Content to promote includes automated emails with closing content.

We invite you to learn more about how to grow your patient volume, as our very own Jim Flynn, National Speaker and President/CEO of Hult Marketing, returns to share the latest industry marketing insights at the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Conference 2018. In this interactive session, we will focus on actionable strategies and tactical executions that participants can use to move their current marketing program forward through accountable activities that produce more measurable results and a better ROI to meet their business development goals.

Tuesday 10/30 | 10:15AM - 11:15AM
Session: 639 - Location: S105D
Growing Patient Volume: Ten Effective Online Strategies to Maximize LASIK, Premium IOL, and Other Elective Procedures

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