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 June 11, 2015

Why Email Marketing Benefits Your Brand More Than You Think

Email Marketing benefits your BrandWhen you look through your Brand’s toolkit, what marketing strategies are included? You may have social media, search engine optimization (SEO), landing pages, calls-to-action (CTAs), display advertising, and many more. But does your toolkit include email marketing, or did you cut it to focus your efforts on what you perceived to be more relevant strategies?

In today’s digital age, many organizations feel that email is dead and no longer a successful marketing tool. But because of the advancements in technology, email has become more accessible to consumers. These advancements make email one of the most effective ways to reach consumers and increase Brand recognition. With about 4.1 billion email accounts worldwide, marketers can reach their target audience with the click of a button.

Despite what you may hear, email marketing is not dead. The age old marketing tool is still producing results and benefiting your Brand today. To give you an idea, here are some ways email can generate success for your Brand:

  • Cost effective and high ROI potential: Email marketing is one of the most inexpensive ways to spread the word about your Brand. The main cost is the time it takes to create and implement emails. Because of this, the return on investment (ROI) is high. Here’s an example, for every $1 spent on email marketing, there is an average $44.25 ROI.
  • Maximizes Brand recognition: Email marketing allows you to increase your consumer Brand recognition. By receiving frequent emails from your company, your consumers are reminded of your Brand and you’re kept top-of-mind.
  • Easy to implement: Many things in our world have become automated. Emails can be scheduled and tracked through marketing automation software, like HubSpot, making email marketing an easy tool to implement, manage, and monitor.
  • Social media integration: Email marketing makes it easy to share your social media pages. Adding social links to your emails also increases interaction and Brand awareness among consumers by allowing them to share your content with all of their connections.
  • Increase customer engagement and loyalty: By targeting your emails and including calls-to-actions and social links, you can increase consumer interaction with your Brand.
  • Simple Measurement: It is easy to measure the success of an email campaign. Through open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, etc., you can find out what consumers enjoy and what you can improve on. This will help advance the image and success of your Brand.
  • Highly targeted: Email marketing allows you to send messages directly to the consumers they are meant for. Have a niche market you’re trying to reach? Perfect – email allows you to select any specific market the message is intended for. When someone is added to your email list, find out what interested them and keep them interested by sending them related content. This will help you increase conversion rates and stay relevant to the consumer (and out of their spam folder).
  • You can do almost anything with email: Email allows you to test out almost anything you want. Want to see if that new offer will increase your lead conversion? Go ahead and try it! Since the cost to implement email is low, it is a safe way to experiment with new ideas and offers.

Implementing an email marketing campaign can benefit your Brand from increasing consumer interaction and Brand recognition, to generating a high ROI. So don’t kick it to the curb just yet. Instead, jump on board and start implementing your own email marketing campaign today. To find out how to create and implement an email for success, read our eBook, Anatomy of a Five-Star Email, or visit our website at

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