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 May 11, 2016

Implement an Effective Online Reputation Management Program

Effective Online Reputation Management ProgramOnline reviews are now engraved as useful tools in our society. We search online for answers to our problems, and just when we think we have found the solution, we click through to the reviews to see if it is worth our investment. This is why it’s so important for your Brand to recognize this online shift and the newly empowered consumer.

Allow customers the opportunity to tell their story, make a suggestion, voice their concern and express their gratitude. Any review can create a positive impact on your organization, but it all comes down to the way you manage your online reputation. Implement an online reputation management program that upholds your Brand values and speaks to consumers.

Below are steps to get your online reputation management program started off on the right track:

  1. Understand your team roles: If you have a team working together on your online reputation management program, make sure you have set clear roles for each member. Ensure you know who will handle the online reviews, who will monitor the sites and who will work behind the scenes to get the problem resolved.
  2. Create a standard response for reviews: Develop a standard response to address and acknowledge every review your organization receives – whether it's positive or negative. It speaks to your company culture when you show you value your customers’ opinions.
  3. Allow customers a way to review after they make their purchase: Whether it’s a survey at the bottom of their receipt or a stuffer that comes in the mail with their bill, catch your customers at the end of their purchase cycle. This allows them the opportunity to leave a review while their experience is still fresh on their mind.
  4. Have a webpage dedicated to reviews: Create a page on your website that is dedicated to reviews. This allows customers and website visitors the opportunity to view all of your review sites on one page, and not have to search for them. 
  5. Create a CTA for reviews: If you have a monthly newsletter, an email campaign, or any other online marketing strategy, it may be beneficial to use a CTA that leads your customers to your review site. Let's say your customer just finished paying their bill. You can offer to send them an email copy of their receipt, and include a CTA for your review site. This allows customers a direct opportunity to leave a review immediately after they have experienced your products or services.
  6. Check your review sites frequently: Set up notifications and check your review sites frequently. It is important to respond to a review within 24 hours of its posting so you don’t miss an opportunity to acknowledge your reviewer.
  7. Handle reviews in a positive manner: Negative online reviews are inevitable. Create an online reputation management strategy so you are prepared, and allow each review the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your Brand.

Creating an online reputation management strategy for your organization allows your customers an easy way to review your products and services, and provides you with a streamlined way to manage and respond to your reviews. And when you manage your online reputation in a strategic manner, it will make any review a business enhancer for your Brand.

Implement an effective online reputation management program for your Brand. Let's touch base and I will put the Hult Team’s experience to work for you. We can connect at 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can create a better focus on your Brand.

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Download the Tools of the Trade eBook Today!