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 February 28, 2019

Educating and Attracting Patients with Healthcare Video Marketing

In today’s healthcare world, many patients go directly to YouTube or another video source to find out about aspects of healthcare they don’t completely understand. Patients may search a certain procedure and look at treatments on websites prior to discussing a procedure with their physicians or nurses. Or, they may see doctor for a health issue and then follow up the visit with viewing of medical procedures or informational videos, as well as alternative treatments to ensure they have all the information they need to make a personal healthcare

Here’s where healthcare video marketing can make a huge difference. It can help with your current patients as well as attract patients while educating them about you and your organization. Let’s discuss healthcare video marketing and how it can help.

What is Healthcare Video Marketing?

Healthcare video marketing is just what it sounds like -- the use of carefully prepared videos to market your organization and its services to future and current patients. Here are some great examples of the types of videos that can help your organization get the word out about your fantastic services:

  1. Videos that boost website effectiveness (think how-to videos that help patients access the information they need quickly.
  2. Videos that show collaboration with other organizations, increasing your patient base and marketing reach.
  3. Videos that are essentially healthcare advertising segments.
  4. Videos that show proper healthcare and self-care procedures for patients.
  5. Videos that demonstrate advanced healthcare strategies.

How Can You Attract Patients with Healthcare Video Marketing?

Attracting patients is important to healthcare providers in a medical climate with increasing competition and availability. You want to attract patients to your organization quickly and worry more about patient care than marketing. Videos are an excellent way to do this, and can save you time in the long run. Videos can also build trust with your patient base and draw in future patients, as well as explain difficult medical topics and complex processes like acquiring health insurance or choosing a physician for treatment. Why not make your life and your patients’ lives easier? Yep -- video marketing can do that!

Video marketing can:

  • Tell an organization’s origin story
  • Explain what an organization does and how
  • Show empathy for patients
  • Give patients physician or healthcare professional backgrounds

How Can You Educate Patients with Healthcare Video Marketing?

A primary part of healthcare websites is also education. Patients want to know more about their physicians, procedures, and healthcare issues more now than ever before. A quick video makes patient lives easier, and can increase patient understanding without the presence of a physician.

Once patients have watched a video, they have a good idea of how a procedure will go, or why their physician has made a particular suggestion -- without even talking to a healthcare organization. Physicians can recommend these videos when they don’t have the time to answer a specific question, or to give patients an overall view of a procedure or illness, and then follow up with a visit to discuss or a quick phone call.

Videos often feel more personal than simple text on a website, and they compliment websites and organizations by bringing out the most important parts of a procedure or practice, building audience trust and patient trust through a more direct form of communication.  

Want an example? Videos on the Mayo Clinic are helping people make healthier food for themselves to include overall health and decrease visits to physicians and healthcare practices. Check out our website for help with your video marketing, and continue providing the best care for your patients with videos to save you time.

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