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 March 14, 2018

4 Ways to Differentiate Your Healthcare Practice on Social Media

Marketing your healthcare practice is an essential way to create a strong patient base, and social media is a reliable path for building enduring relationships in the community. On the other hand, standing out from the crowd is critical to social media success. Here are 4 ways to differentiate your practice so you're heard above the media for healthcare practice

1. Be Social

Many social media strategies focus on how often to post and what types of content to use in your social media updates. But social media for healthcare practices should also include a bit of socializing, too! Along with regular updates, don't be afraid to get into the comments section and have conversations with your audience.

You don't have to stick to your own posts. Branch out to other pages where your audience might be and join conversations. Some places to start might include professional organizations related to your practice or support groups for certain illnesses or injuries.

When people see that a live person is engaging with the crowd and that it's not just another computer dumping posts online, they'll be happier to participate.

2. Make Videos

With more than 8 billion videos watched on Facebook every day, video is quickly becoming one of the most important ways to stand out online. Videos don't have to be large-scale productions, either. Instead, try starting with short, 20-30 second sessions that answer common questions or introduce members of your practice. Other ideas include patient interviews, tours, or simple how-tos for at-home care.

Once you're comfortable with the camera, try going live on a platform like Facebook. Along with the extra attention that live videos get, you'll still have a saved video that can be viewed later by anyone who missed it.

3. Tell Stories

People have been using storytelling since we first learned to communicate with each other. Stories are used to teach lessons, build relationships, and relay information. Storytelling can also be used to develop your brand on social media and help you stand out.

Stories can be straightforward narratives, or you can use photos, videos, and even animations to tell stories, too. A single story can be told in-depth, or try using a series to boost engagement over time.

4. Focus

As the saying goes, you can't be everything to everyone. Trying to do so--especially on social media--only means you'll be spread too thin or that your content will be too varied for your audience to deeply engage. Instead, make sure to focus on only one or two social media platforms and keep your content focused on your core values and Brand goals. By doing this, you'll be able to ensure higher-quality posts that capture attention and keep people coming back for more. 

Social Media for Healthcare

Social media is an important component of marketing your healthcare practice, but capturing the attention of your audience can be tricky. Use these social media strategies to create a unique voice that your followers will engage with, and you'll find success. 

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