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 May 03, 2018

How to Craft Creative Landing Pages for Your Healthcare Practice

Do you ever ask yourself why people visit your landing pages but do not take the next step of filling out their information? Landing pages allow you to capture your leads and eventually turn them into quality customers. It's important that these pages are distinctive and engaging to keep visitors' attention. In this blog, we provide tips to create lead converting landing pages for your healthcare

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Keep it Simple

When creating these pages, you don't want any distractions and useless information floating around the page. Provide a clear,concise title and description to let your website visitors know the exact value of your offer. Visitors don't want to spend a lot of time reading, so keeping things short gives them more incentive to quickly download or sign up. Also, remove navigation links that take visitors off your landing page so they can focus on filling out your form.  

Include Social Sharing Links

Adding social sharing links lets your visitors to easily share your content with their connections. This gives you access to prospects that do not follow your social media accounts. You can create customized social sharing links for a more personalized touch, or you just go with the official icons.

Design Your Form to Capture Important Information

Make sure your forms only ask questions that allow you to follow up with your new lead. For example, if they are a "new", only ask for their name and email address. If you ask for too much information, the visitor is less likely to fill out the form.

Follow Up with a Thank You

Something as easy as directing each form submission to a thank you page and sending an auto-response thank you email shows the visitor that you appreciate their submission. You also want to include a link to access your offer at a later time and include your social sharing links so they can share it with their connections. Don't forget to add secondary calls-to-action (CTAs) to other offers your healthcare practice offers.

A/B Testing

Creating two landing pages that have different elements can help you see which features are producing greater conversions for your healthcare practice. Comparing these two pages lets you see what is working for your Brand, and what isn't. If you see something that is really standing out when analyzing the two pages, make sure to apply those elements in your next round of landing pages.

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