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 April 06, 2017

Converting Visitors to Patients with Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Visitors-to-Patients-Healthcare.pngIncreasing patient volume and loyalty is at the core of your healthcare marketing strategy. Whether you are promoting a new service, sharing a patient success story, or building Brand awareness, your practice is focused on bringing in new and returning patients.

Your digital marketing strategy is a major player in making this happen. By finding patients during their online searches, you are giving them the opportunity to be educated and inspired by your healthcare Brand. 

Build an effective digital marketing strategy that focuses on converting website visitors into patients. By following the steps below, you can begin to increase patient volume for your practice.

1. Make the Right Offer to the Right Patients

If you want to get your audience to take action, you’ve got to convince them with the perfect offer. Use your patient personas and focus on their stage in the patient journey as you craft your offers. By doing this, your content is tailored to speak to interested patients – patients who see value in your offers and ultimately take action.

2. Focus on Location

You can’t simply create a content offer, place it on your website, and hope it gets found online. Create calls-to-action (CTAs) for the offer that will be used throughout your content marketing strategy. Your CTAs should be appealing and enticing. Once perfected, use them in newsletters, on related blog posts, and throughout applicable pages on your website. But to really ensure patients see your offer, place your CTAs above your website fold. When visitors view your CTAs, it will spark their interest and entice them to click through to your landing page for your offer.

3. Close the Deal with Your Landing Page

The most important thing to remember about landing pages is that your visitor ended up here because they were interested in your offer. Capitalize on this opportunity to convert them to a patient, and make it as simple as possible.

Your offer is the focal point of your landing page. Remove all navigation links and other features that may distract your visitor. Overall, your landing page should include an enticing headline, copy, and images that lead them to filling out your form and taking action on your offer.

4. Make Forms Easy

Your visitors are interested in your offer, but they don’t want to fill out a dozen required fields in order to receive it. Make your forms as simple as possible while still capturing the most important contact information. In fact, for every required field after “First name”, “Last name” and “Email address”, visitors are 50% more likely to abandon the form. That’s how important keeping it concise really is.

Having an effective digital marketing strategy is vital to increasing patient volume for your practice. When you have the ability to capitalize on multiple touchpoints with prospective patients, each one is an opportunity to educate and inspire them on your Brand and the services you provide.

Learn more about building an effective digital marketing strategy with our free eBook, Tools of the Trade: 7 Fundamentals to an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign. With these tools, your healthcare practice can start increasing patient volume by the click of a button.

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