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 January 04, 2018

How Your Company Culture Affects Your Healthcare Marketing

healthcare-blog-company-culture-jan-4-2018-1.jpgThe idea of company culture can sometimes sound like a bit of marketing mumbo-jumbo. However, even if you've never taken the time to formally describe your culture, your ophthalmology practice has one. If you do have a defined culture, that internal activity doesn't affect your ophthalmology marketing, right? 

Wrong. At best, thinking about your team's interactions and marketing activities as separate paths is making you do all the same work twice. Why? Because marketing creates a promise; it sets expectations for your customers. Your company culture is how you exceed those expectations. And here's how.

Integrity is Everything

When your patients come in for an appointment, they want their experiences to match the expectations promised in your marketing. For example, if you market yourself as family-friendly, but patients have a poor experience when their small children need a visit, your patients will feel betrayed. Once that trust has been broken, it's virtually impossible to get it back--especially if that's the first interaction a patient has with your practice.

Employee Engagement is Essential

Your Brand culture sets the tone for employee engagement – both internally and with patients. You want your team's behavior and activity to be rooted in the values and standards you've set for your ophthalmology practice. You want them to believe in the promises you make to your patients so they are driven to achieve the goals you set for your practice – satisfied patients.

When your team is on board, they also become the vehicle to deliver your marketing messages. When they believe in your promises, they'll want to tell their friends, families, and other connections – something that's far more valuable than any other marketing activity. In fact, Brand messages extend 561 percent further when shared by employees!

Culture Makes Marketing – Not the Other Way Around

Rather than thinking about how to get your company culture to mesh with your ophthalmology marketing, your culture should inform and drive your marketing. Who are you today? What is at the core of your practice? What are you capable of becoming?

When you build a Brand culture where your employees have clear expectations, and your core values are empowering to your team, then they will deliver to your patients. In return, you'll not only know which promises to make with your marketing, but you'll also be confident that you can deliver.

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